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October 30, 2006

"Portrait of Nitrozac's iPod", 7"x 9"acrylic painting by Nitrozac *SOLD*

This painting was sold! Thanks pvmuir! Click here to view the auction.

I love my iPod. I feel so much more for it than... a bowl of fruit, you know what I mean? I'm sure you do! You just gotta love those shiny little boxes filled with music, photos, videos, podcasts, it's a modern miracle, if you ask me. This 12th painting, from my Painting a Day Blog, is my lovesong to my iPod. I painted its portrait. It is my muse!

I chose to paint my favorite playlist in the display. This gives it that extra attention to detail that I like to pay extra attention to. Clair de Lune is highlighted as the first song. The background is the classic Apple-esque white with a subtle shadow. The battery indicator shows that it's charged and ready to go! So, get ready to go and bid on my iPod's portrait!

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October 26, 2006

"DashBoard", 5"x 7"oil painting by Nitrozac *SOLD*


Thanks maximoburrito! :D

This dashing painting is the 11th painting of my Painting A Day Blog, it also is the second painting of The Dock Paintings Series. The dashboard icon appears next on my dock, after the Finder icon, therefore it gets immortalized on canvas next! I love painting these icons, I have gained a whole new respect for icon design. It says so much in such a tiny space. How do those designers do it? I'm very pleased by how well this icon translated to the oil painting medium. "Dashboard" has a charming, handpainted look and it's unmistakably the Dashboard icon. It's a sophisticated work of art, and a tres cool Mac geeky treasure.

As a painting of The Dock Painting Series, it can stand alone or you can collect them and place them next to each other to create the effect of the Dock on your wall! Cool, eh? I can't wait to paint the next one! Go now, and rev up the bidding! Good Luck!

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October 24, 2006

"Forget Life... Play Snood", 7"x 9"oil painting by Nitrozac(SOLD!)


Thanks snood.com! Yes, Jake the Snood painting has been sold to the prez of Snood! It is destined to grace the Snood Hall of Fame. It's been an honor and a privilege!

Don't you think you could use a little Snood right about now? Painting 10 of my Painting A Day Blog, is a tribute to my favourite game, Snood! I had a great time painting this little Snood, the shapes were challenging, the colors are vibrant, and blending the gradations in oils was quite enjoyable. The subject's name is Jake Snood, and he is the boss in the land of Snood, he's honest and fair, a true leader. He's also the icon for the app.

This would be a truly beautiful painting for any interior, office or home. The colors are gorgeous, the design is awesome, and it represents fun and games. It could help bring other Snood players out in the open, and you can bond over your love of Snood. This is a painting Windows and Mac users can enjoy equally, it's a unifying image, it brings us together! So, forget life... bid on snood! :-P

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October 21, 2006

"Miss iPod Killer", 7"x 9" acrylic painting by Nitrozac(SOLD!)


Thank you 0531!

9 is a sexy number, don't you think? This is painting number 9 of my Painting A Day Blog. And it is a sexy painting too. "Miss iPod Killer" was a pleasure to paint. I love the boldness of the lines, the colors, and the subject matter. Who is "Miss iPod Killer"? She's a JoT character who appeared in this comic of the Joy of Tech. The comic is about what Microsoft could do to make you want to switch to their iPod killer. Zune wasn't released yet, but, there was plenty buzz about Microsoft announcing their new product that was supposed to knock Apple's iPod sales out of the water. Hah! So, in this comic we suggested that with every purchase of their iPod Killer you would be automatically entered into a draw to win a date with Miss iPod Killer. She says, "you've been a bad, bad, little iPod".

When I was painting this, I thought, "hey, I should paint JoT babes every friday night!". You know, it's the end of the week, JoT babes are easy on the eyes. I think I will try and keep up the tradition every friday night. I also thought that this painting is like the pin-ups of yesteryear, and I just love those old pin-ups. That's why Miss iPod Killer has a hair style like Betty Page, the mega-popular pin-up girl of the 60's. She pioneered some racy stuff back then! So, this painting is a bit of a tribute to her. I think it's too bad you don't see classic styled pin-ups very often anymore. Here's my contribution to riviving the good old days of pin-ups of gorgeous, healthy looking girls! May the winner enjoy it and feel good about doing his or her part to start the pin-up rivival! Bad, bad bidding, everyone! ;-)

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October 19, 2006

"Mac Bomb", 7"x9" oil painting by Nitrozac (SOLD!)


Thank you tallysreconstruction!

Did you get that little pit in your stomach feeling when you first saw this painting? Did you gasp, as you realize, "oh no! system error! all that work! I hope I saved it?! Whew! It's only a painting!" The subject matter of this eighth painting of my Painting A Day Blog, can send you on a roller coaster of emotions, your body into the flight or fight response. Yet, we love that old bomb, don't we? It perfectly captures the experience of a computer crash–an explosive scattering of data followed by all the stages of greif in a split second; shock, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, then finally acceptance. You collect yourself and resignately boot up, ready and alert to conduct search and rescue. That little image of the bomb packs so much meaning, doesn't it?

The original bomb icon was designed by the icon design genius, Susan Kare. Many Mac Geeks are fully aware of this and other icons that went hand in hand with all things Macintosh. It is with this sense of nostalgia that I painted "Mac Bomb". It also is quite a striking image, I must admit. It says so much in just a few pixels, or in this case, a few brush strokes. It was a challenge to paint as well, all those straight edges of tiny squares. Since the painting is black and white it will fit into any decor quite nicely, especially a Mac Geek's decor. It's a classic oil painting of a classic Mac symbol, I'm quite in love with it actually.

I wish everyone a Bomblastic Bidding on this exciting, graphic painting! Good luck! :-D

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October 16, 2006

Painting of iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED, 5"x7", by Nitrozac, for Global Fund charity.(SOLD!)


This painting has been sold! Thank you millsyboy_au! We really appreciate your very generous bid. :-D

Here is the donation overview, made to The Global Fund
Date: October 25, 2006
Fund: the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria
Amount: $365.00
Type: One-time donation
Receipt #: 6O526A2IIE690SH20071

Today's painting is lucky number seven of my Painting A Day Blog, and it's also a very meaningful painting. The (PRODUCT) Red iPod is Apple's most recent product release, and they are going to donate $10 from every sale of the red iPod to the global fund to fight AIDS. So that's 5 percent of the sales. We thought that was a great idea, but we figured, hey, why not make it an insanely great idea and donate all of the money to charity!

So, Snaggy and I are going to donate 100% of the proceeds of the sale of this painting to The Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa. We've known several people who have been victims of this terrible disease, including Snaggy's brother, who died from it. This is an opportunity to help in our own way, and we hope you will join in.

Snaggy and I also did a comic about the Red (PRODUCT) for the Joy of Tech. I don't think there are too many paintings of iPods out there. This would definitely be the first Red iPod painting up for sale, in the whole world. It's always fun to be first, don't you think? Also, it makes you feel good to know that you're doing something to help while buying stuff! I felt great while painting it, and hopefully, you'll feel great while bidding on it. The painting is a 5" x 7" acrylic painting on canvas board. The iPod is depicted life-sized. Cool, eh?

Just an update, for those wondering how we are going to pay The Global Fund, since eBay.ca doesn't have the pay-to-charity option like eBay.com does. We'll be paying them directly, or, if the buyer is from the USA and so wishes, they can pay the Global Fund directly and get the tax-deduction. We won't be receiving a tax deduction, and we will be covering the eBay.ca fees ourselves, and the shipping fee too. So in other words your full bid will go to The Global Fund.

From: "The Global Fund" [email protected]

Date: October 18, 2006 12:17:00 AM PDT (CA)

To: "Snaggy"

Subject: RE: Donating to The Global Fund via auction

Dear Mr Evans,

Thank you for your email, and for your support of the work of the Global
Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

We would be happy to accept your donation, and suggest that the simplest
way would be for you to send the proceeds to the following address:

United Nations Foundation
Attn: Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria
Dept. 344
Washington D.C. 20055-0344

(In this fashion, your donation can be tax-deductible).

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any other


Beatrice Bernescut
[email protected]


Dear Bruce,

Thank you for your generous gift in the amount of $365.00 to the United Nations Foundation in support of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria.

Your gift will be used to support research, fund prevention efforts, and provide care to people living with these three diseases.

By asking the UN Foundation to be custodians of the Global Fund, Secretary-General Annan recognized the need to nurture collaboration from all sectors of the international community: no small task, but something the UN Foundation is honored to help support. Only through partnerships between the public and private sectors, both internationally and domestically, can we as a global society expect to combat a public health epidemic that has already taken so much and threatens millions more.

We hope you'll continue to visit www.unfoundation.org for updates on the work of the UN Foundation and our partners.

Thank you once again for your support – together, we can make a difference in the lives of those who need us most.


Ted Turner

United Nations Foundation


In compliance with United States Internal Revenue Service requirements regarding charitable donations, the UN Foundation affirms that no goods or services have been provided by the Foundation to you in consideration for your contribution. Please retain this letter as proof of your gift for federal income tax purposes.

Donation overview

Date: October 25, 2006
Fund: the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria
Amount: $365.00
Type: One-time donation
Receipt #: 6O526A2IIE690SH20071

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October 15, 2006

"The Happy Mac" 5x7" oil painting, by Nitrozac (SOLD!)


Thank you Michaelmh!

Click here to view the auction.

I'm pleased to present to you, "The Happy Mac" painting! The subject of the painting was requested by Matthew, I thought it was a very good suggestion. I have painted the Happy Mac before, but it was a much smaller image than this one, so I thought the time was right to paint it again, only larger. The Happy Mac was such a pleasure to paint. It's such a cheerful icon, it really deserves to be immortalized on canvas. The Happy Mac icon was designed by Susan Kare. She also designed all the early Mac icons that are so near and dear to our hearts. Her designs are very crisp and exact, yet somehow the Happy Mac lends itself very nicely to the traditional oil paint medium.

With the release of OSX, Apple has replaced the Happy Mac boot-up image with the Apple Logo. That was a very sad day for many of us Mac Geeks who have real feelings about seeing the Happy Mac face. The Happy Mac image was also functional, it was the way your Mac would let you know how it was feeling; Happy Mac for when everything is going good, Sad Mac when it's not so good, even a Dead Mac for when things have gone horribly wrong. As you can imagine then, seeing the Happy Mac would be quite welcome.

I feel this painting will give its owner that same, reassuring feeling that everything is going to be ok. It can also bring back fond memories of working in previous OS's, like OS 9. Ah, those were the days, somehow things seemed to run faster in the other OS's ;-). "The Happy Mac" is the 6th painting to appear on my Painting A Day Blog. I also have a comic about the day Apple discarded the Happy Mac on our site, the Joy of Tech. The oil painting is a cute size of 5x7 inches, sure to fit any wall or shrine to the Mac. I wish you a very Happy Mac bidding!

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October 11, 2006

"Genius Bar Flies" 5x7 acrylic painting by Nitrozac (SOLD!)


This painting has been sold! Thank you millsyboy! :-D

Click here to bid on painting.

Say hello to painting number 5 of my Painting A Day Blog! These two girls are getting all dolled up to go to a new hot night spot–the Apple store genius bar. The redhead is putting on lipstick, and the blonde is putting on mascara. They are looking into the cartoon universe mirror which is at the viewer. Their eyes are following you everywhere! The painting is of a scene out of the first panel of this comic, of the Joy of Tech.

JoT (Joy of Tech) fans know, I do enjoy drawing attractive females in my comics whenever I get a chance. I thought painting JoT babes might be fun too, and it was! I'm happy with how it turned out, it's a bright and cheerful painting, you can't help it but smile when you look at it. I hope it'll make you smile when you look at it on your wall. Joyous Bidding!

Posted by Nitrozac at 11:18 PM

October 08, 2006

"Tux" 11x14 oil painting by Nitrozac (SOLD!)


Painting has sold! Thank you billself75! :-D

Behold! Tux, the virtuous and noble bird of the Linux operating system. He is at once masquot and logo, set free into this world to bring smiles and chuckles to coders and kernel hackers. Tux is the fourth installation of my Painting A Day Blog. This painting is special because it was painted 2 or three years ago, and it's a large, 11x14 oil painting.

Click here to view the auction.

The painting has a commanding presence, the image boldly stands out. I purposely painted it loosely, with obvious brush strokes to give this Tux portrait a "painterly" look. I believe Tux's smile is as enigmatic as the Mona Lisa's, don't you think? I constantly wonder what is behind that smile, it's like he knows something that I don't, perhaps he's sitting quietly knowing the meaning of life and not telling anyone, and for this, he smiles. Or maybe he feels good about representing an open source operating system and he is not bound by worldly laws, he is truly free.

Snaggy and I made a Joy of Tech comic about Tux and a painting, it was an early JoT. I'm thinking there is a Linux Geek who would love this original oil painting by Nitrozac, perhaps there is a Linux geek on your Christmas list? Stuffed Tux dolls are a dime a dozen, but I have never heard of any oil paintings of Tux being up for grabs! Methinks this is an opportunity that should not be missed! Happy Bidding!

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October 05, 2006

"Finder", 5x7 Oil painting by Nitrozac (SOLD!)


This painting has been sold! Thank you again mac-interactive! :D

Finder, is the first icon in the Mac OSX Dock, therefore "Finder" is my first painting of the "Dock Series" of Nitrozac's Painting A Day Blog. The idea for the Dock Series is; the painting of the icon can stand alone nicely, or you can collect all of them and line them up to look like a Mac OSX Dock! That is very cool. Could you imagine how cool it would look with them on your cubical wall? People would come up and say "Wow! Finder! I just want to click on that, it's so cool!".

Click here to view the auction.

Have you ever noticed how absolutely Picasso the Finder icon is? It's fun to stare at it and look at the face on the left, then the right, then as a single complete face, I could do that forever! I was very careful to highlight and shade the Finder to look exactly like it's sitting in the dock. Notice how it's painted lighter near the top? Painting in oils lends itself quite nicely to this type of blending, and the black edges came out quite sharp too! I'm very pleased with the result. The Finder icon is also the icon for Mac OS Classic, for those of you Classic fanatics out there (like me).

Why settle for the Finder icon and it's clever beauty to grace only your desktop? Have it on your wall too. You'll be the talk of your Mac User Group with this lovely treasure! Just think, it's also infinite dpi, (I love that about paintings!). I hope the winner/buyer will get years and years of pleasure from owning this icon, or should I say, painting of an icon! Good Luck!

Click here to view the auction.

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October 03, 2006

Portrait of Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer. (SOLD!)

Steve Jobs!


This painting has been sold! Thank you mac-interactive! (smirky82 backed out of the transaction)

Just what you've always wanted, a 5"x7" portrait of Steve Jobs, the charismatic CEO of Apple Computers! To my knowledge, no one has painted a Steve Jobs' portrait, making this truly one-of-a-kind. Also a rare occurrence, is the happy, laughing, expression on his face. It is the perfect enhancement and conversation piece for any Mac Geek's geek-o-sphere.

Click here to view the auction.

Everybody has pictures of family, and pets in their workspace, that's boring! Why not think different, and have a real painting of your favorite CEO? You'll be the envy of the entire office! There is no other place in the world you can get an original painting of Steve Jobs. It's not the kind of thing you can just go to Ikea and buy in the wall decor department. It's not some file anyone can print off in an inkjet printer! That's so common. You can see and touch the brushstrokes, the colors pop out, and the resolution is beyond anything an inkjet printer could ever acheive, it's infinite dpi! The resolution is as high as it physically can be! That alone is something to observe and marvel.

You can find several comics starring Steve Jobs at The Joy of Tech.

Click here to view the auction.

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October 01, 2006

Clyde Tombaugh, Discoverer of Pluto. (SOLD!)

This is a 5x7 inch, original, acrylic painting by Nitrozac.


Painting has been sold! Thanks rektor.donz!

I think Clyde Tombaugh deserves a little more attention. Not only does he have a cool, retro 50's look, he is also the discoverer of the planet Pluto. His face seems calm and relaxed, and he looks like a distinguished gentleman. After reading about him and his work, I decided to paint his portrait.

Click here to view the auction.

Recently, the International Astronomical Union demoted dear, sweet, little Pluto, causing an outcry of sadness and grief among star gazing geeks, myself included (see the comic Snaggy and I did about it in The Joy of Tech). Even Clyde's widow said she was upset! What kind of monsters would upset a nice little old lady! Don't they have anything better to do than recategorize space objects?! Is it that bleak out there in the space discovery business that they have to pick on the little guys?!

So, I painted Clyde's portrait in deep thought and reverence and silent protest. I was thinking of how it must have felt being the discoverer of a planet, an actual planet! How exciting it must have been to have seen it in the telescope, and realize you're the first person to observe it. Imagine the fun he must have had thinking of a name for it-Pluto! What a sweet little name for such a sweet little planet. Ok well, maybe the Lord of the Underworld isn't that sweet, but Pluto the planet is. While I painted, I thought of how upsetting it might have been for him if he was alive, to have his discovery just tossed out with the other little blobs in space. I am glad he is not here to know such sadness. I get comfort from the fact that some of his ashes are on the New Horizons spacecraft, travelling towards Pluto at this very moment. *sigh*

It is my honour to paint Clyde Tombaugh, and I hope that the new owner of this painting will appreciate Clyde's beautiful contribution to astronomy and our geeky world. May it inspire you to look at the stars and love all the objects in the sky, whether they're big giants or tiny planets, they all have a story to tell if you're willing to listen.

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