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October 24, 2006

"Forget Life... Play Snood", 7"x 9"oil painting by Nitrozac(SOLD!)


Thanks snood.com! Yes, Jake the Snood painting has been sold to the prez of Snood! It is destined to grace the Snood Hall of Fame. It's been an honor and a privilege!

Don't you think you could use a little Snood right about now? Painting 10 of my Painting A Day Blog, is a tribute to my favourite game, Snood! I had a great time painting this little Snood, the shapes were challenging, the colors are vibrant, and blending the gradations in oils was quite enjoyable. The subject's name is Jake Snood, and he is the boss in the land of Snood, he's honest and fair, a true leader. He's also the icon for the app.

This would be a truly beautiful painting for any interior, office or home. The colors are gorgeous, the design is awesome, and it represents fun and games. It could help bring other Snood players out in the open, and you can bond over your love of Snood. This is a painting Windows and Mac users can enjoy equally, it's a unifying image, it brings us together! So, forget life... bid on snood! :-P

Posted by Nitrozac at October 24, 2006 08:53 PM