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October 21, 2006

"Miss iPod Killer", 7"x 9" acrylic painting by Nitrozac(SOLD!)


Thank you 0531!

9 is a sexy number, don't you think? This is painting number 9 of my Painting A Day Blog. And it is a sexy painting too. "Miss iPod Killer" was a pleasure to paint. I love the boldness of the lines, the colors, and the subject matter. Who is "Miss iPod Killer"? She's a JoT character who appeared in this comic of the Joy of Tech. The comic is about what Microsoft could do to make you want to switch to their iPod killer. Zune wasn't released yet, but, there was plenty buzz about Microsoft announcing their new product that was supposed to knock Apple's iPod sales out of the water. Hah! So, in this comic we suggested that with every purchase of their iPod Killer you would be automatically entered into a draw to win a date with Miss iPod Killer. She says, "you've been a bad, bad, little iPod".

When I was painting this, I thought, "hey, I should paint JoT babes every friday night!". You know, it's the end of the week, JoT babes are easy on the eyes. I think I will try and keep up the tradition every friday night. I also thought that this painting is like the pin-ups of yesteryear, and I just love those old pin-ups. That's why Miss iPod Killer has a hair style like Betty Page, the mega-popular pin-up girl of the 60's. She pioneered some racy stuff back then! So, this painting is a bit of a tribute to her. I think it's too bad you don't see classic styled pin-ups very often anymore. Here's my contribution to riviving the good old days of pin-ups of gorgeous, healthy looking girls! May the winner enjoy it and feel good about doing his or her part to start the pin-up rivival! Bad, bad bidding, everyone! ;-)

Posted by Nitrozac at October 21, 2006 12:39 PM