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September 28, 2006

Welcome Everyone!

Welcome to my new endeaver... a site where I'll be posting up my paintings on a regular basis, and they will be available for purchase via auction. I'm often asked for prints of my drawings, and I've always wanted to take contemporary technology subjects and render them in old style media, so this is a mix of the two... here we go!

This is a place where (almost) every new day brings a new painting for your viewing and bidding pleasure. I will also be blogging about the paintings, giving you a little insight and information about them.

I love working with digital images on my Mac, but there is something extremely satisfying about creating with paint and a canvas. The paintings will be based on my work at the The Joy of Tech. The subject matter will usually be geeky and techy; the people, places, and things that make up geek culture.

Most paintings will be offered for sale on eBay. Shipping costs are extra, usually 8 dollars for shipping to North America, and 15 dollars for international shipments. Paintings will arrive at their buyer's door lovingly packed and wrapped. The backs of the paintings will contain the title, the date painted, my signature, and a fingerprint for authenticity. If you'd like to see what my paintings are going for, here is a link to Recent Selling Prices.

Commissions and Custom Work
I will also do custom work on commission. If you do have something you'd like me to paint, please just let us know and I will get back to you on options and prices.

But who am I you ask? I am the venerable Nitrozac! :-D Author, illustrator, artist, and more. With my partner Snaggy, I run, a high-tech humor web site, thriving online community, and purveyor of fine propeller beanies.

Without further adieu, let's bring out the paintings and let the bidding frenzy begin! Oh, and I also take requests, ... of people, items, or scenes you'd like to see commemorated in paint, just let us know.

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September 19, 2006

Selling prices of Paintings

Here are the recent selling prices of the paintings...

Title of Painting Selling price
The Logo Fantastic
She's listening: Siri
Full Moon

"HAL 9000, an oil painting. 11 x 14 inches $710.00
"Jobs with iPhone" 7"x 9" acrylic $410.00
"iChat" 5"x7" oil painting by Nitrozac $405.00
"Woz, Jobs and the Apple" 11"x14" oil painting by Nitrozac $449.00
"Dvorak is Nuts!", 5"x 7"acrylic painting $101.00
"Portrait of Nitrozac's iPod", 7"x 9" $84.00
"DashBoard", 5"x 7"oil painting $112.00
"Forget Life... Play Snood", 7"x 9" $135.00
"Miss iPod Killer", 7"x 9" acrylic painting $99.00
"The Mac Bomb" 7"x9" Oil painting $111.50
Painting of iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED, 5"x7" $365.00
"Genius Bar Flies" 5x7 Acrylic painting $76.00
"The Happy Mac" 5"x7" Oil painting $167.50
"Tux" 11x14 oil painting $110.50
"Clyde Tombaugh, Discoverer of Pluto" $65.00
"Finder", 5x7 Oil painting $155.03
"Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computers" $255

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