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November 17, 2006

"Woz, Jobs and the Apple" 11"x14" oil painting by Nitrozac *SOLD*!

This painting has sold! Thanks ebaxel! :D

Click here to view the auction.

Ta Da! The 15th painting of my Painting A Day Blog! It is my loving homage to that crazy world-changing moment in tech history; a moment especially deserving to be immortalized in a painting. I was inspired by this famous photo of Woz and Jobs as Apple computers is being born. I drew the black and white photo for this comic of the Joy of Tech. I thought that it looked interesting in the comic, so I decided to do an 11"x14" painting of it. I painted it in a grey scale like the original black and white photo to emphasize the nostalgic quality of the image. I intentionally painted it using the solid shapes of the vector drawing, and I like the effect that technique created in the painting. It's not photo-realistic as much as it's impressionistic. There's a dreaminess to the painting, and a sort of movement, an unrealness.

I'm very proud of this painting. Woz and Jobs look so happy, and there's a geeky innocence about them in this picture. It's a moment in time when they had no idea of the implications their invention would have. In this capsulized moment, they are simply a couple of happy geeks. Who would've thought that they would spawn a whole industry! It's sort of romantic in a way.

This painting was a labour of love; it took me a quite a while to paint. It's also the largest painting I've done so far, 11"x14", which is quite a nice size. Just think, this original oil painting can be yours to cherish and love forever and ever! I think it would be an insanely great idea to go and bid early and bid often on it, don't let this one slip through your fingers! Good luck!

Posted by Nitrozac at November 17, 2006 06:11 PM