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November 29, 2006

"PacMan" 8" x 10" acyrlic (two paintings available) SOLD!

The paintings have sold! :-D
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Welcome the 17th and 18th paintings of my Painting A Day Blog! Yes, you read correctly, I am currently painting two 8x10 inch paintings of the same subject, due to popular demand! How it works is, the two highest bidders will each win a painting. The top bidder will receive one, then I will use the "second chance offer" feature of ebay to sell the second one to the second highest bidder. The paintings are nearly identical as the Pac-Man, ghosts, and dots are all in the same position. In essence, the paintings are twins. This will give two people a chance to own a fine piece of art!

The photo above is one of the paintings completed. The second painting is currently in progress, I'll upload a photo of that asap.

The painting(s) say so much when you look closely. You can follow the Pac-Man's trail of eaten dots to where he is being closely chased by "Speedy", aka "Pinky" and he is so close to eating the dot that makes the ghosts turn blue and run away as now they are the ones that are vulnerable! FYI, those special dots are called "Power Pellets" or "Energizers". If you're a fan of the game, you do get a rush of sensation of tension and anticipation when looking the painting. The painting evokes many fond memories of hours spent playing this classic and much loved game. So, rush over and gobble a bid on the painting, you may be one of the lucky two winners! Good luck and good bidding!

Posted by Nitrozac at 11:45 AM

November 21, 2006

"iChat", 5"x 7"oil painting by Nitrozac *SOLD*

This painting has been sold! Thanks again pvmuir! :D

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This sweet little painting, titled "iChat", is the third painting of the "Dock Series", and is the 16th painting of my Painting A Day Blog, The idea for the Dock Series is; the painting of the icon can stand alone beautifully, or you can collect them and line them up to look like a Mac OSX Dock on your wall! The iChat dock icon has it's own special appeal. Doesn't it give you a little happy jolt everytime you see it bounce up and down in your dock, meaning someone typed you a message? Everytime you look at that painting, it can give you that happy little jolt too!

Posted by Nitrozac at 09:26 PM

November 17, 2006

"Woz, Jobs and the Apple" 11"x14" oil painting by Nitrozac *SOLD*!

This painting has sold! Thanks ebaxel! :D

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Ta Da! The 15th painting of my Painting A Day Blog! It is my loving homage to that crazy world-changing moment in tech history; a moment especially deserving to be immortalized in a painting. I was inspired by this famous photo of Woz and Jobs as Apple computers is being born. I drew the black and white photo for this comic of the Joy of Tech. I thought that it looked interesting in the comic, so I decided to do an 11"x14" painting of it. I painted it in a grey scale like the original black and white photo to emphasize the nostalgic quality of the image. I intentionally painted it using the solid shapes of the vector drawing, and I like the effect that technique created in the painting. It's not photo-realistic as much as it's impressionistic. There's a dreaminess to the painting, and a sort of movement, an unrealness.

I'm very proud of this painting. Woz and Jobs look so happy, and there's a geeky innocence about them in this picture. It's a moment in time when they had no idea of the implications their invention would have. In this capsulized moment, they are simply a couple of happy geeks. Who would've thought that they would spawn a whole industry! It's sort of romantic in a way.

This painting was a labour of love; it took me a quite a while to paint. It's also the largest painting I've done so far, 11"x14", which is quite a nice size. Just think, this original oil painting can be yours to cherish and love forever and ever! I think it would be an insanely great idea to go and bid early and bid often on it, don't let this one slip through your fingers! Good luck!

Posted by Nitrozac at 06:11 PM

November 09, 2006

"Dvorak is Nuts!", 5"x 7"acrylic painting by Nitrozac *SOLD!*

This Painting has been sold! Thanks mouser3ovl! Click here to view the auction.

Feast your eyes on the 14th painting of my Painting A Day Blog! For a small painting it packs a lot of punch! "Dvorak is Nuts!" commemorates the moment when John C. Dvorak seemed to snap, while on a TWiT podcast. He predicted, with astonishing passion, that Apple computer is going to ditch the Mac OS for Microsoft Windows. That moment is captured in this comic of the Joy of Tech. Now that moment has been immortalized as a painting. And now, you could own that painting!

I had the idea to paint this image after noticing that the "Dvorak is Nuts!" button on our webstore is a surprisingly popular choice for TWiT fans–almost as popular as the Leo Laporte button. Who woulda thought? Maybe it's the straightjacket? Whatever it is, I must acknowledge that TWiT fans have great taste.

As far as Dvorak's prediction goes, it hasn't happened… yet. Time will tell, if Dvorak is a techno prophet, or just plain nuts. In the meantime, you can own this beautiful painting, gaze at it, and contemplate its multi-layered meaning. As a work of art, it is strangely attractive, for some reason, you just have to touch it and admire it from an aesthetic standpoint. I find it hard to take my eyes off it, even after having carefully applied each brushstroke for hours.

I hope you too will go nuts for this painting and bid like a madman! This painting demands to be owned! Good luck!

Posted by Nitrozac at 12:47 PM

November 08, 2006

More Paintings Coming!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that more paintings are on the way! And they of course will be most awesome works of contemporary techno-art. :P Thanks to everyone who has bid, and those who have won, I hope your paintings give you much pleasure!

Posted by Nitrozac at 09:13 AM