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December 31, 2006

Paintings now available via the webstore.

We've set up a special area to sell Nitrozac's paintings directly via our webstore. We've heard from several folks who don't like auctions for various reasons, so this will give them a chance to get an original Nitrozac in a simpler way.

Current offerings include Dogcow and Nerd to Slut. :)

You can find the webstore page here!

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December 29, 2006

How it's going

I had a fantastic, quiet, calm, Christmas Eve and Christmas. I hope everyone did too! On Boxing Day I was super tempted to go shopping, but then got too lazy and just chilled out at home. The day after, I got a stupid migraine that's still hanging on, I'm on the 4th zomig for heaven's sake! If others have migraine's you know what it's like, you don't feel like doing anything but lie down in a dark room with an icepack on your head and a kitty in your lap. Yeah. Today I'm feeling better, but cautious, however, light is hurting my eyes, I'm hoping that I'll feel motivated today, and start up some new paintings! Thanks everyone for bidding this year, you guys are awesome! Here's to a productive and gleeful New Year! I know, there's still a couple days left of 2006, but you know what I mean. ;-) TTYL!

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December 19, 2006

Where I'm at today

Ok, the commission is done (the painting part), that was a lot of fun. Now I'm going to tackle the backlog of digital portraits that need doing before Santa makes his yearly trip. I have the next painting all planned out, and it's just a matter of catching up! Looking forward to posting up the new painting soon!

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December 14, 2006

Working on a Commission!

Just a quick note to let you know that I've been working on a commissioned art project, and when that is done I'll be bringing out more paintings!

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December 06, 2006

Dogcow 7"x9" acrylic painting (five available!) Three sold!

NEW! You can now purchase a Dogcow painting directly via the webstore! Here is the link!

Three were sold in the auction... thanks guys! :-)
Click here to view the auction.

This time I've painted the adorable and much loved Clarus the Dogcow. If you don't know about Clarus, then take a look here, here, or here for some background on her! The Dogcow was originally created in 1983 by Susan Kare as part of her Cairo font. Over the next few years this little image became a cult sensation with a vast and loyal following. By the way, if you haven't checked out Susan Kare's website, please do... she has some great t-shirts there!

This auction is a little different as I am offering five 7x9 inch paintings of the same subject. This is partly due to popular requests (people are so disappointed when they don't win a painting) and also because Clarus is just so darn fun to paint!

How it works is like this: the five highest bidders will each win a painting. The top bidder will recieve one, then I will use the "second chance offer" feature of ebay to sell the second one to the second highest bidder. Then I will use the second chance offer again to sell the third painting to the third highest bidder, and so on. This will give five people a chance to own a moof'in piece of art!

I am pleased as punch as to how the paintings turned out... they are simply adorable. It's such a joy to see the little dogcow, and it makes me smile every time I look at her and I know it will you too.

The photos are from one of the paintings. The paintings are identical as the five dogcattle are the same size and in the same position in each painting. In essence, the paintings are quints! They make quite an impressive herd.

Sadly, for some insanely crazy anti-dogcow reason, Clarus was put out to pasture when they built Mac OS X. Page setup dialog boxes will never be quite the same without her. But rejoice, as you can now own an original work of art featuring her, and you can view her at any time, even when your computer is sleeping.

Good luck and good bidding! Remember in this auction, bidding early means you might actually pay less for your dogcow!

Shipping for each painting is extra... to the US and Canada it is 8 dollars, to other locations, 15 dollars. The back of each painting will contain the title, the date painted, my signature, and a fingerprint for authenticity.


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