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January 19, 2007

"A Rose is a Rose is a Rose", 7"x9" acrylic painting by Nitrozac *SOLD*

This painting SOLD in the webstore! Thanks Catherine!

Posted by Nitrozac at 08:59 PM

January 03, 2007

"Dogcow and her Puppies", 7"x 9"acrylic painting by Nitrozac *SOLD*

This painting has been SOLD! :-)

Oh Look! The Dogcow had puppies over the holidays! That's so CUTE! The idea for this painting came to me yesterday, I was thinking about how the Dogcow paintings seemed to be multiplying. I believe the painting turned out cute as a button! This painting has a definite sense of humour, it's a JoT comic in itself. Let me explain the artwork in plain, art speak; "it's the unified muliplication of the anthropromorphilized rendering of black and white space". In other words; "it's Mommy Dogcow and her babies going for a walk in a field of white pixels." How sweet is that? You must adopt this painting. It's that simple.

Posted by Nitrozac at 06:55 PM

January 01, 2007

The YouTube Guys, 5"x7" oil painting *SOLD!*

This painting has been sold! Thanks Andre!

This little gem was painted shortly after it was announced Google had purchased YouTube for the sum of $1.65 billion. It features two of the founders,  Steve Chen and Chad Hurley as they were seen in the now infamous YouTube video A Message From Chad and Steve". At the time, the video was a bit controversal, as some people felt it was a kiss off to the YouTube community by a couple of dorks. Well, I think perhaps some people were just a little jealous. I think it's just a couple of giddy geeks who couldn't believe their luck and good fortune, and decided to tell everyone about it via the medium that just made them rich. Sure it's dorky, sure it's a little uncomfortable, but you can't help envying these guys.

At first I bawked about putting this painting up for auction, and the painting sat away on a shelf drying for the last three months. I didn't really think any more about it, but recently Snaggy discovered it and remarked how cool it is. It would seem, as time went on, the painting has taken on an indescribable quality to it. It really grows on you.

Perhaps it's because it documents that rare euphoria that must have also been felt by people like Woz and Jobs, Bill Gates, and other geeks who have gone from zero to millions overnight. Most of us dream of striking it rich one day, and to see it happen to a couple of geeks in their 20's is pretty inspiring.

The painting is 5"x7", oil paint on canvas board.

Posted by Nitrozac at 05:00 PM