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August 26, 2012

Forum Tidbits to the Moon and back...

The Famous Druid reports Astronaut Neil Armstrong dies at 82, and botches up If I see one more send-up of that botched art restoration, I'll..., ... GrumpySteen lights up over Tube memory with blinkenlights, ... Snaggy finds Comic Book Characters Grouped by Religious Affiliation and congrats Weirdarms and ARJ!

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August 25, 2012

Neil Armstrong interview, BBC 1970.

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Wink at the Moon for one of the greatest, Neil Armstrong.

Neil shortly after returning from his walk on the Moon.

From his family's statement...
"For those who may ask what they can do to honor Neil, we have a simple request. Honor his example of service, accomplishment and modesty, and the next time you walk outside on a clear night and see the moon smiling down at you, think of Neil Armstrong and give him a wink."

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August 21, 2012

High Rez Video of final Descent of Martian lander


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August 20, 2012

Help Kickstarter a Tesla movie!

You probably know of, and have backed, the Oatmeal and Friends campaign to secure a property for a Tesla museum. But you may not know of this other worthy project, to make a docudrama movie about Tesla's life and his contributions to our technological society.

There's a ton of great rewards, and let's face it, you want to see this movie made, so jump over to the Kickstarter campaign and get kicking!

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August 17, 2012

Finally time for Forum Tidbits!

The Famous Druid says Goodbye Harry Harrison, ... sees a NZ navy ship avoid floating rock!, ... and savours Just another day in paradise... GrumpySteen finds some Cool dioramas, ... TheMoMan transmits FCC Part 15 rules, ... and Ashitaka wonders Am I being scammed?

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August 14, 2012

Jimmy Stewart's poem about his dog...

The joy and pain of sharing life with a pet, encapsulated by the magnificent Jimmy Stewart.

via Big Geek Daddy, via Woz.

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August 07, 2012

Fantastic Curiosity landing splitscreen!

via @martyn_williams

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August 06, 2012

YES! Curiosity has landed!

Mission control after Curiosity landed...

via The Atlantic!

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August 02, 2012

Review: LifeProof iPhone case!

A funny thing happened when I put my iPhone in a Lifeproof case... I didn't take it out again! Considering how much I prefer my iPhone to be case-less and stark naked, that's a big compliment.

Lifeproof cases are the ultimate in water, dirt, shock, and snow protection. It would take forever to describe all the ways this case protects, so instead I will send you over to Lifeproof's website to check out the Four Proofs.

But first dig the Lifeproof video!

I love that Lifeproof protects your iPhone from spaghetti!

Does it protect against drops? Yes indeed. I bumped and dropped my iPhone several times over the last couple of weeks, and each time it emerged unscathed and unshattered. The great thing about Lifeproof's case is that you can use the phone exactly as you would normally do without the case; browse the web, answer and make calls, etc. You know what this means don't you... yes, you can listen to music and make phone calls underwater! :-D

Sure there's a difference in the tactile feel and size of the iPhone in the case, and the plastic covering the glass screen is weird at first, but it's a small difference, and you'll quickly get used to that, and grow to appreciate the extra grip this case gives you. You'll mainly notice some difficulty with small interface buttons on apps, but just press a little harder than normal and you're fine.

I also tried out the armband, which holds the Lifeproof case super securely to your upper arm. I'm not a huge fan of armbands, but this one does its job great. Using it, I took my phone out paddle boarding, something I would never, EVER consider doing before. It was cool to know I had my phone with me, just in case of emergency, or an insatiable desire to check my email. If you are around water a lot with your phone, check out the Floating LifeJacket accessory.

One downside, if you take a lot of pictures with your iPhone, you'll probably want to take it out of the case first so they are the best quality possible. The Lifeproof's lens is pretty invisible, but I found, like any additional lens, it takes away a little bit of the clarity from pictures. And the tiniest of nitpicks, the case reverses the direction your finger must push to mute the phone. No big deal, just takes a bit to get used to.

Final words: if you are like me, and find yourself out at the beach or on the water, or throwing your phone in a knapsack occasionally, or doing gardening, carpentry, construction, or other dirty work with your iPhone in your pocket, you will want, need, and must have a Lifeproof in your life.

Lifeproof case comes in black or white and retail for around $80, and perhaps even cheaper (55 bucks!) over at Amazon. Available in six different colors too!

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NYC zombies!

The latest from the geek geniuses at Thinkmodo, who have created this creepy campaign to protest AMC being dropped from the Dish Network.

via @whoisthebaldguy and @Twittier

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