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April 17, 2014

post-Lunar eclipse Forum Tidbits!

Snaggy snaps Lunar Eclipse 2014, and dug Turing's sunflower, ... ... Mr. Geek 2U wonders Who's watching Silicon Valley, ... TheMoMan gets Fishing, Phishing, phishing with a phone, ... and the Famous Druid thinks The term 'plausible deniability' comes to mind.

Posted by Snaggy at 02:37 PM

April 16, 2014

These things are OLD!

Posted by Snaggy at 03:42 PM

April 14, 2014

What's the sound of clapping look like?

Posted by Snaggy at 03:39 PM

April 10, 2014

"Data" gives us something to think about.

Posted by Snaggy at 08:37 AM

April 04, 2014

"Lucy" trailer

omg, this could be as good as The Matrix!

Posted by Snaggy at 10:36 AM

March 30, 2014

Woz delivery!

Steve Wozniak pulls a prank and delivers a new iMac to a lucky girl!...

(heh, I love how they recognize the co-creator of Apple from Dancing with the Stars! )

Posted by Snaggy at 03:31 PM

March 18, 2014

Superman with a GoPro

via John!

Note: Worm-Man's GoPro camera isn't as entertaining. :P

Posted by Snaggy at 11:16 AM

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