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Geek Culture's Awards!
Here is just a sampling of the many awards Geek Culture has been honored with.

Netscape's What's Cool!

Playboy chooses our hilarious parody Geek Erotica as their Pick of the Week.

CoolSTOP Best of the Cool Award

Site of the Dayite of the Day

Site of the Day, Site of the Week, and Site of the Month for Britain's top search directory - UK Plus! Anyone for Site of the Year?

Andover.Net's Best High-Tech Sighting!

Os Opinion's
Cool Site!

PlanetClick's Site of the Day!

TGI Friday's hot spot of the week!

Multiple listings in the Center for the Easily Amused!

The honor of being chosen as Badger's Pick of the Day is based on the following criteria:

  • Creative art work
  • Fast loading pages
  • Good content
  • Creative site theme
  • Innovative technology

We've also had the honor of being featured on many of our fan's homepages. In our opinion, that is the Greatest Link of Them All. Thank you so much for your support!