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Today's comic features Solid Nitrozanium SuperFan DigitalBill!
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August 12th


August 16th

August 19th

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The JoyPoll was...
So, why do you think DigitalBill gets all the pussycats?
  • He's got catnip in his pocket.
  • They want to be a part of his Mac pride.
  • It's his Jaguar Genius shirt!
  • He's a Solid Nitrozanium SuperFan. Nuff said!
  • This must be an imaginary episode. In reality, it was a Linux party and it was me, surrounded by Linux chicks!
  • Because DigitallBill has borrowed Tom Jones's mojo.
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diesel sweeties
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And in SuperFan Clubhouse Tidbits... the full pic of the Jaguar Catgirl that Lex demanded, gets mirrored and made into a desktop by Chris Moss. :)

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