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Signed prints of the comics!

You've asked for them, you've got them! Beautiful, lush colour laser prints of the comics, signed by the artists! Available in 8.5 x 11 or 11x17 inch poster sized print! These large versions are really spectacular, suitable for framing and hanging with pride in your geekosphere! (Click the comic thumbnail to visit the full comic.)
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Print specs: colour laser print, printed on 8.5x11, or a 11x17 high quality thick paper, and signed by Nitrozac and Snaggy! All prints shipped gently rolled in a tube.

Also now available, our Cafe Press produced posters! Available in two big sizes, these are big, big, big posters, and although they are not signed by the artists, they are magnificent to behold, and help support our continued comic creation!

Your favorite comic not available as a print yet? Email with your requests!

Nightmare in Cupertino!
Nightmare in Cupertino!
A bone chilling movie-poster style Joy of Tech! A sleeping Steve Jobs lives his worst nightmare... THE OS THAT WOULD NOT DIE!! A grusomely grave Mac OS corpse rises from the dead, as crazed Mac-zombies protest the murder of their beloved OS 9! Are you sure this isn't real????

Available now via our Cafe Press store in several great sizes, including movie poster size!

Think Wild! Think Wild!
Our hilarious Think Wild comic is now available as two wildly-sized posters!

You don't have to be a fan of that classic tv show SCTV to just love Nitrozac's gorgeous drawing of the outrageous Edith Prickley. Obviously, Edith's keen sense of fashion made a deep and lasting impression on someone over in Cupertino!

Get yours now, over in the Think Wild section of our CafePress store. Your choice of Regular sized (20" X 16") or the absolutely wild GIANT sized!!!! (34" X 23")

Unlike our other posters, these ones are not signed by Nitrozac and Snaggy, but they are still incredibly WILD! Get yours now, you never know how long we'll be selling these!

The Techno-Talking Tube Twins!
Whoa! The gorgeous Techno-Talking Tube Twins in two tremendously sized posters!

Regular sized poster (still a large 20.0" X 16.0"!) only $16.99 each!

...or the GIANT Poster: 33.0" X 23.0" only $21.95 each! Giant poster has the additional TUBES ROCK! slogan on the bottom, as well as being bigger!

Both available now in the Tube Twin section of our CafePress store.

(Unlike our other posters, these ones are not signed by Nitrozac and Snaggy, but they still rock.)

Select two or more of our own posters and save! Spectacular 11x17 inch poster sized prints on thick stock... two for only $20.50, or three for only $26.50! Even better, get four for $31.95, or wow... 5 posters for only $36.94!

How about adding the full TTB Button Collection for just $5.50 extra, or the TTB magnet collection for just $7.50 extra! (You can check out all our buttons here.)

Linux Guru in a Can!
Linux guru in a Can!
The hilarious Linux Guru in a Can is now a poster, and will be available soon in our Cafe Press store.

Also available as t-shirts, mousepads, and more, over in our CafePress store!

TTB a Go-G0!
TTBs a Go-Go
The four Go-Go Queens and their formidable Go-Go Cube come to life in this spectacular poster! 11x17 inch poster sized print on thick stock... only $12.95! Resistance is futile!
Or even better, buy two for only $21.95, or three for only $27.95!

How about adding the full TTB Button Collection for just $5.50 extra, or the TTB magnet collection for just $7.50 extra! (You can check out all our buttons here.)

Wow, now available as a GIANT poster and a whole lot of other stuff, over on our Cafe Press store!

TechnoTalking Babes, and the Techno-Talking Tube Twins in the Lily Pad Pond!

Lily Pad Pond!
Inspired by John William Waterhouse's classic painting Hylas and the Water-nymphs, Nitrozac's gorgeous comic is now a super gorgeous giant print, specially extended and with new added details. It's a lovely image of your favorite lovely cartoon women enjoying a refreshing soak. Ahhhh, looking at it feels like going to a spa. :)

Spectacular 11x17 inch poster sized print on thick stock... only $12.95!

YIKES we are sold out!

Billy Gates!
Billy Gates: the Wizard of Windows!

Sorry! Sold Out!!! If you'd like one, email Snaggy and he can put it up on our Cafe Press store.

The Linux Lass Trilogy!
Linux Lass 1
Page 1
Linux Lass 2
Page 2
Linux Lass 3
Page 3
You demanded her! The gorgeous Linux Lass in gorgeous full size prints in fully gorgeous colour!
11x17 inch poster-sized prints... only $9.95 each, or get the entire trilogy for only $23.95.

Finally, a Linux Heroine to get excited over! (Not that there's anything wrong with getting excited over Tux, but you know what I mean...).

Oops! Linux Lass is currently SOLD OUT, but look for her return soon, including in movie poster sizes!

Classic comics!
Barbie! Barbie's DotCom Rescue!
By popular demand, and just in time for the dot-com blowout, the hilarious Joy of Tech cartoon comes to print!

11x17 inch poster sized print... only 9.95!
bambi! Bambi in the Void! On the edge of death, Bambi receives a visit from one of the First Four! Revealing herself to be a Mistress of Time, she proceeds to show Bambi the future.... a future without Bambi! A mind boggling, time twisting, comic-shaking episode, featuring the lovely and diabolical Sys Admin, and return of Lord Stewart (and boy, does she looks pissed!).
A rich print of the comic, with Martha's silhouette ominously emerging from the deep dark blues.
11x17 inch poster sized print... only 9.95!
movie poster! Death by Sys Admin! You saw the animation, now, you must get the signed movie poster! The Sys Admin in all her evil glory, the TTBs in the Tube Torture chamber, and havoc all around! Only 9.95!

Also available in our CafePress store as a GIANT movie sized poster and t-shirts, (but not signed).

Dress up the Geek! This special poster-sized only print contains the two-panel comic, as well as the entire collection of clothes for the geek, all on the same sheet! Only $9.95!

Getting to know Bambi! Getting to know Bambi! The classic episode, all about Bambi, for only 9.95! Available as a poster-sized print only, due to proportions ...the image's proportions, not Bambi's.
The Big Three The Big Three. Nitrozac's beautiful illustration of Arthur C. Clarke conversing with the ghosts of Robert A. Heinlein and Isaac Asimov!

Gasp! Sold out!

Comics of the Tubes Rock thread.
Browsing The Geeks pour through the catalogue, picking out projects to order. Poster sized only, for only $10.95.

Alien Babes The Aliens buy a sacred Leonard Nimoy tapestry, and the Geek gets the deed to planet Vega Six, a world of Alien Babes! Regular sized only $8.95, poster sized $10.95.

Linus Linus buys the rubber band ball ...a very significant event in the AY2K Universe, you just don't know it yet. ;-) Regular sized only $8.95, poster sized $10.95.

pick-up The Delivery Guy makes another appearance to pick up the orders, but will he deliver them, or take off to Mexico? Regular sized only $8.95, poster sized $10.95.

Tubes Rock incorporated... a rock'n place run by an old man with a vision! Regular sized only $8.95, poster sized $10.95.

the shirt delivered! Tubes receives a t-shirt from the future, delivered by the First Four! Will a t-shirt change his destiny? Regular sized only $8.95, poster sized $10.95.

Woz and Jobs Tubes visits Steve Jobs and Woz in the garage! Regular sized only $8.95, poster sized $10.95.

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Your favorite comic not avalible as a print yet? Email us with your requests!

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