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The JoyPoll was...
What's the moral of this comic?
  • The only sure things in life are death, and having to pay for Internet services.
  • If you love your customers, give them free email. When you take it back and charge for it, the ones who can't pay will probably be old and die soon anyway.
  • Apple Computer is a corporation, not a charity, so why should it give a damn about inconveniencing a whole bunch of people who can't afford its service now?
  • If that Mac user really was smarter, he would have saved for his retirement.
  • Shame on you Apple, you made that poor old cartoon man cry.
  • After hearing about the .Mac charges, I was crying too.
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Be sure to catch our Foreign Correspondent DigitalBill's MacWorld Expo coverage starting here. Check out his latest report... Macworld Expo Day 1: To the Keynote and Beyond! with pictures too! Hey, who are those two sharp-looking geeks in the Mac Genius and Tubes Rock shirts?!

The Chump wonders what it would be like today if we lived in a matriarcal world?, ... Snaggy thinks .Mac will be all the RAGE! , ... GameMaster is looking for some Ghosts , ... and Hikaru thinks dot Mac bites.

And in SuperFan Clubhouse Tidbits... Nitrozac is geeking out over Lapidary! , ... and LostInColorado's Power's back!

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