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The JoyPoll was...
So why do you think Apple is cracking down on rumor sites?
  • The real goods never live up to the wild rumors.
  • Apple knows bad press is just as good as good press.
  • Blame Canada.
  • It was our beloved Mac Genius t-shirts... the straw that broke Steve Jobs's back.
  • Spare the rod, spoil the fan website!
  • It's not cracking down, it's just a friendly slap in the face.
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Janeway asks What would you do ...if you won a million dollars?, ... Colonel Panic asks What do you pack in your time machine? , ... Cap'n Vic's got A couple dumb ones.... , ... mackevin wants you to Have a look in the mirror , ... and after six months, Fimbrethil finally posts her stats!

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