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Alive and well!

Just letting you know, I'm recovering well. The surgery had some complications, and became extensive. It was discovered I had endometriosis and scar tissue from when I had my appendix out, when I was 12, so they had to take care of that as well as the hysterectomy. So it's been a bit painful. Snaggy is doing a terrific job care-giving, I appreciate it so much! Thanks for all the well-wishes, it truly is a wonderful comfort to read your messages. A lot of other people are also battling cancer, and it's very touching that they've shared with me their stories.



A sad disease!

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Shooshie says Ya gotta admit, ... ... and Snaggy loves Nero's rotating dining room, gets a Spiralizer, notes the Total Solar Eclipse next year, spys a Circumhorizontal arc, sees They Saw Evolution Happening, and sends out a call for SuperFan mailing addresses.

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