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February 25, 2018

Woz's Laser Safety Officer Badge!

You may not know it, but years ago Steve Wozniak was interrogated by the Secret Service for using $2 bills in Vegas... if not, you can read that hilarious account here.

After using some of his $2 bills at a casino, Woz is interogated by a Secret Service agent and was read his Miranda Rights. The Secret Service Agent then asks for some ID...

He asked me for some picture ID. I have some fake photo ID's that a friend made for me years before, when we could make realistic photo ID's from our computers. Almost nobody else could do this because printers weren't good enough. But I had an expensive early generation dye sublimation printer and made some fake ID's for fun. I had one favorite fake ID that I'd used for almost every airplane flight, domestic and international, that I'd taken for many years. It says "Laser Safety Officer" and has a photo of me with an eyepatch. It also says "Department of Defiance" in an arc, in a font that looks like "Department of Defense" to the casual glance.

As I opened my wallet, I considered whether I should risk using this fake ID on the Secret Service. It probably amounted to a real crime. I had my driver's license as well. But you only live once and only a few of us even get a chance like this once in our lives. So I handed him the fake ID. He noted and returned it. The Secret Service took an ID that said "Laser Safety Officer" with a photo of myself wearing an eyepatch.

Check out Woz's full story here. :-D

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February 21, 2018

FTL, a cool short film

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February 06, 2018

Space Oddity!

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February 01, 2018

Giveaway! Clear Ear Automated Spiral OTO-Tip!

You all ears? OK, this giveaway is fun... we're giving away a Clear Ear Automated Spiral OTO-Tip!

EDIT! We have a winner, thanks folks!
Clear ear Oto-Tip is a unique and effective daily ear cleaning device for consumers, dedicated to making ears happier. It was developed out of Stanford University's Biodesign Program. Unlike cotton swabs or hydrogen peroxide, clear ear Oto-Tip's patented spiral spin technology offers a safe, simple method to clean ears daily that actually removes ear wax without the risk of damage to the ear canal or ear drums.


So in other words, ditch the Q-Tips! Here you just press the button, stick it in your ear, the tip rotates anticlockwise, and your ear wax surfs it way out on the spiral!

Post a reply on our Patreon page, and in a few days Snaggy will pick at least one winner using the power of a random number generator! Ears to you!

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