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February 25, 2018

Woz's Laser Safety Officer Badge!

You may not know it, but years ago Steve Wozniak was interrogated by the Secret Service for using $2 bills in Vegas... if not, you can read that hilarious account here.

After using some of his $2 bills at a casino, Woz is interogated by a Secret Service agent and was read his Miranda Rights. The Secret Service Agent then asks for some ID...

He asked me for some picture ID. I have some fake photo ID's that a friend made for me years before, when we could make realistic photo ID's from our computers. Almost nobody else could do this because printers weren't good enough. But I had an expensive early generation dye sublimation printer and made some fake ID's for fun. I had one favorite fake ID that I'd used for almost every airplane flight, domestic and international, that I'd taken for many years. It says "Laser Safety Officer" and has a photo of me with an eyepatch. It also says "Department of Defiance" in an arc, in a font that looks like "Department of Defense" to the casual glance.

As I opened my wallet, I considered whether I should risk using this fake ID on the Secret Service. It probably amounted to a real crime. I had my driver's license as well. But you only live once and only a few of us even get a chance like this once in our lives. So I handed him the fake ID. He noted and returned it. The Secret Service took an ID that said "Laser Safety Officer" with a photo of myself wearing an eyepatch.

Check out Woz's full story here. :-D

Posted by Snaggy at February 25, 2018 09:44 AM