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July 15th

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July 22nd

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The JoyPoll was...
What's your favorite part of Wil Wheaton's Run, the movie?
  • The computer-breeded humans who live only for the pleasure of blogging.
  • The deadly ritual of Carrousel, where bloggers are reborn to blog out another fun and pleasure-filled 30 years of inputting text.
  • Sanctuary, the Land of Unlimited Free Bandwidth!
  • The dream sequence where Wesley Crusher is executed to make way for the next generation!
  • The dream sequence where I'm making out with Farrah Fawcett.
  • That cool blinking crystal in my left hand.
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snupy bids us Goodbye For Now... , ... ilovemydualg4 got a sailing job.. , and confesses to the use of smart quotes.. ... TORDONOFFON asks JAGUAR NOW ? ? ? , ... and maxomai posts an old man rant for today's Teenagers.

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