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This week The Joy of Tech celebrated MacWorld Expo!
Be sure to check out all the comics!

Tuesday the 9th

Wednesday the 10th

Thursday the 11th

Friday the 12th

Monday the 15th

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The JoyPoll was...
What sacred OS place do you worship at?
  • The Mac Temple.
  • The Altar of Be.
  • The Chapel of Linux.
  • The Church of BSD.
  • I worship at some other OS shrine.
  • I spend most of my time in Windows Hell.
  • My desk. I'm a Geek God.
View the Results

Snaggy and I would like to welcome Richard Stevens' Diesel Sweeties to Geek Culture! We'll be mirroring his latest episodes... check it out, it's a great comic with a cool style!

The hilarious "Barbie DotCom Rescue" cartoon is now available as an 11x17 inch poster! Pick one up and care for it today!

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Welcome to the Joy of Tech... by Nitrozac and Snaggy. It's a little bit simpler in style than our other comic After Y2K, and a little more topical. We hope you enJoy!

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