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What is your favorite memory of Spliff?
When he used his powerful maze solving instincts, ... developed in Charles Xavier's Danger Room, and studied at MIT. 157 10%
His poignant comment on the dehumanizing aspect of technology, ... I think it was just a publicity stunt. Everybody knows you can't make a good cup of coffee without a rat involved. 201 13%
His jealousy of Dude's full page Getting to Know Dude comic, ... hey, he really loved Dude. It was just those writers trying to create an air of jealousy to get higher ratings. 78 5%
The time he and I partied with Aerosmith, ... it was like, so amazing man, and like, we were so high, Dude looked like a lady! 330 22%
His appearance on the Tonight Show, ... his act "Stupid Johnny Carson Tricks" had them rolling in the aisles! 110 7%
His first comic appearance, ... ya, unfortunately the original comic showing him biting Cmdr Taco's bum was deemed to controversial. 258 17%
I visitationed the results. 326 22%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and rigor mortus.
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