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Author Topic:   my new computer
Alpha Geek

Posts: 314
Registered: Oct 2001

posted June 26, 2002 16:02     Click Here to See the Profile for greycat     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I'm typing this in lynx while I'm waiting for my cvs update to finish.

I've decided to put dwarf (my Debian GNU/Linux server) out to pasture. It's been giving me lots of grief with its hard drive, a fair amount of grief due to the form factor of its case (HP Pavilion box, not designed to be operated on very easily, very few PCI slots, almost inaccessible RAM slots), frustration because of its failing power supply, and the occasional oddity with its Linux kernel. dwarf is also a Celeron 400, which is adequate, but not quite up to the levels one expects in a 21st century computer.

My new server, pegasus, is a Duron 1300 MHz running OpenBSD. Eris willing, it will be my new home do-it-all-without-breaking-too-much-sweat server: firewall, NFS, DNS, e-mail, web server, P2P file sharing server, Usenet news spool, etc. (Yeah, I know, putting NFS shares on a firewall box isn't the optimal security strategy. I can't afford optimal.)

I'm sitting in the store where I bought it, having installed OpenBSD on it already, and waiting for the cvs update to /usr/src, as I mentioned earlier, in order to give it a bit of a smoke test. I don't think I'll attempt a full build here, though; I need to get home. A lot of work awaits me, moving all of the services from dwarf to pegasus (not least of which is the completely different firewall software).

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Alien Investor

Posts: 387
From: New York City
Registered: Jan 2000

posted June 27, 2002 01:37     Click Here to See the Profile for Alien Investor   Click Here to Email Alien Investor     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
All right, another open source Unix machine in the world!

What kinda monitor are you putting on it ... CRT or flat screen? Or is this a "sit in the closet and never look at the monitor" machine?

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Uber Geek

Posts: 881
From: under the mouse pad
Registered: Jun 2000

posted June 27, 2002 06:15     Click Here to See the Profile for quantumfluff   Click Here to Email quantumfluff     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
No!!! Don't put NFS on your firewall. Turn dwarf into a firewall. Get the cheapest new disk you can for it, a new power supply, add a second ethernet card and run FreeBSD on it (I like their firewall tools better than linux). Turn off ALL services, including remote login.

If you really want to run web, dns and mail, you should have a third box do that. That box should be on a separate ethernet segment from the internal net, so you need a third card in the firewall. You could probably run VMware on dwarf and put the firewall in one virtual machine and the servers in the other. That would save a machine. (I may try that myself no that I've thought of it. I have the machines, but I'm having heat disapation problems in the server room.)

You can't be too paranoid in this case. I the past 10 days there have been root exploits circulated for both apache and openssh. You don't want those services running on a machine that is not sacrificial. A hole in bind shows up about once every 2 years. sendmail has been good for a while, but you never know.

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Alpha Geek

Posts: 314
Registered: Oct 2001

posted June 28, 2002 13:15     Click Here to See the Profile for greycat     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
The only monitor on this thing will be a small (14" or 15") leftover monitor that barely works. It's a sit-in-the-corner server.

NFS will not be accessible from the Internet; only from the LAN. I just have to figure out how to translate my ipchains rules into PF rules. (Which will be one of the last things I do, along with setting up pppoe.)

dwarf already has two NICs because it's my current firewall (and everything else) box. pegasus also has two NICs, because it's replacing dwarf in that service.

I don't have the space at home to have 3 servers (firewall, NFS, internet services). The cost of 3 servers that I can't afford is the infrastructure, not the money. (Except insofar as money would be required to buy a new house.)

dwarf is not going to run VMWare. I couldn't even get the RAM over 64MB because adding a second SIMM would require either dismantling the case or some sort of special "working at 90 degree angles and still having enough power to move stubborn stuff" tools that I've never seen. Besides, I'd never trust servers in VMWare. I'm not sure what I'll do with dwarf when this is over; it may go into service as a generic Linux web browser box, replacing the P-75 that my parents gave me a couple years ago.

I'm well aware of the OpenSSH and Apache exploit announcements.

I run qmail, not sendmail.

So far, I've got OpenBSD installed, cvs updated the source, rebuilt it all (took about 2 hours including the kernel), and installed most of the basic packages that I'll need (like ntp). Installed qmail from source and copied configs over from dwarf. Copied my Ogg and MP3 files from dwarf's 40 GB disk (which takes about 24 hours).

Still to go: copy user home directories and accounts/passwords and make pegasus the NFS server for /home, install squid proxy, configure virtual domains on apache and copy web sites over (at least static stuff), configure DNS, configure firewall and pppoe and NAT, reassign the IPs, turn over firewall/NAT service to pegasus, and turn over DHCP service for the Windows client. Plus anything else I forgot.

After that, I can get the noncritical pieces, like the Zip drive for backups, suck + INN for news service, and redo the dynamic web pages (which currently use some Linux specific features). Plus anything else I forgot.

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