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July 25, 2007

"Jobs & Gates at D5" original painting by Nitrozac *SOLD*

This painting has sold ($290.00), and is now in the collection of pvmuir! Thanks pv! Click here to view the auction.

"Jobs & Gates at D5", 8"x 10"acrylic painting by Nitrozac

Click here to view the auction.

This lovely painting immortalizes, on canvas, the monumentous event that took place at D5, ( All Things Digital Conference). Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher hosted the event and its highlight was when they brought together, onstage, at the same time, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. The Internet was a-buzz at the thought of these two rivals together, and how this meeting would play out. Of course, as it turned out, everyone was ethralled by the way Jobs and Gates reminisced and joked together onstage. Personally I would have loved to have seen them have a big fist fight, but, that peaceful scene at D5 was pretty cool too. Now they seem to be the best of frenemies.

This moment has been encapsulized as art for some lucky bidder to enjoy forever. It shows Steve Jobs talking in his animated, hand-gesturing way, and Bill Gates listening with a slightly wistful, sentimental expression. Jobs is wearing his trademark black turtleneck and jeans, Gates looks comfortable in his crisp shirt and dress pants. It depicts a strangely heartwarming scene; it shows how two of the world's greatest geeks can stop for a moment in their extraordinary lives and put petty competitiveness aside and entertain some of us ordinary-everyday geeks for a while.

Snaggy and I did a comic about Jobs and Gates at D5 in this JoT, enjoy!

Details: "Jobs & Gates at D5" is Nitrozac's 27th painting of her Painting Blog. It's an acrylic painting, on 8 x 10 inch stretched canvas. The painting will be dried and ready to ship at the auction's end. The back of the painting will contain the title, the date painted, Nitrozac's signature, and a fingerprint for authenticity.

If the painting isn't sold at auction, it will be up for sale in our webstore at a higher than originally listed price, so it does pays to bid on the auction! Best of luck to all bidders!

Shipping is extra... to the US and Canada it is 8 dollars, to other locations, 15 dollars.

Click here to view the auction.

Posted by Nitrozac at July 25, 2007 12:29 PM