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July 15, 2007

iCal, 8x10 inch acrylic painting *SOLD*

This painting was sold ($202.00), and is now in the collection of pvmuir! Click here to view the auction.

"iCal" is the 26th painting of my Painting Blog. iCal Day is July 17, that's the date that appears on iCal's application icon. When iCal is launched, its icon in the Dock automatically changes to display the current date. So July 17th is the only day of the year where iCal's icon doesn't have to update. That makes July 17 a special day to us Mac Geeks. (July 17, 2002 is the day Steve Jobs announced iCal, at MacWorld NYC.)

What better way to celebrate iCal Day than to do a painting of the iCal icon? Of course, the iCal icon looks absolutely beautiful as a painting, I must humbly admit. You can hang it on your wall and admire of it as work of art, a representation of the Mystery of Time, and a reminder of how quickly these wonderful days of ours pass. Of course it also functions as a calendar with an amazing once-a-year accuracy. :P

Details: acrylic painting, 8" x 10", stretched canvas on frame.

If the painting isn't sold at auction, it will be up for sale in our webstore at a higher than originally listed price, so it does pays to bid on the auction! Best of luck to all bidders!

Shipping for each painting is extra... to the US and Canada it is 8 dollars, to other locations, 15 dollars. The back of each painting will contain the title, the date painted, my signature, and a fingerprint for authenticity.

Posted by Nitrozac at July 15, 2007 10:45 PM