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August 15, 2018

Roadie 2 guitar tuner!

We had the chance to review a Roadie 2 guitar tuner and... we just love it. What is the Roadie 2? It's a hand-held robotic guitar tuner, that rotates your guitar's tuning pegs to adjust strings to the perfect pitch.

Using the Roadie 2 is a snap. You just select a tuning, then place the unit over the correct peg, then pluck the srting. Away the Roadie 2 goes, rotating the sting to the correct pitch. When it's perfect, the light on the side of the Roadie 2 turns green and the unit makes a little sound. On the the next string! It's really super cool and fun to do.

But you might be thinking, I already know how to tune my guitar and have a guitar tuner, why do I need this little robot to tune my guitar? Well, straight out of the box, standard tuning is selected by default, but Roadie 2's real strength is that there's also another NINE alternative tunings available - including drop D, open G and half step downs. It's absolutely fantastic for quickly changing your guitar's tuning, checking out alternative tunings, or playing along with your fave Nirvana song, and this is the big reason I love it... it's a songwriter's dream. No longer do you need to take 20 minutes re-tuning a guitar to alternative tuning, or have a second dedicated guitar with an alternative tuning. Roadie 2 makes alternative tunings quick and easy and a snap.

The Roadie 2 works with host of stringed instruments - from guitar to mandolin to banjo - so long as they have standard tuning pegs, and most do. You can also use it to speed up string replacement on your instruments, with three motor speeds for unwinding and winding. And there's an app of course... the free Roadie Tuner app gives you access to more advanced features and tweeting of settings!

I gotta say, this is one of my favorite guitar accessories and I think it will really take your guitar playing and songwriting to new levels. And it's on sale for the next week or so!

Posted by Snaggy at August 15, 2018 04:09 PM