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May 17, 2017

Backblaze Unlimited Backup saves our day!


We recently lost some files on one of our computers, ... they just winked out and were gone! It was rather traumatic! Luckily we were testing out Backblaze, as part of their 15 day free trial, and were able to retrieve backups of them within minutes. I really like the seamless way it backs up all your files, offsite and safe, without a heavy load on my computer... it just works.

Backblaze Unlimited Backup... back up your Mac or PC for just $5/month. Try their 15 day FREE trial, it helped save our bits!

Posted by Snaggy at 03:40 PM

May 16, 2017

Forum Tidbits for the middle of May!

The MoMan says I'm the president and you're not, ... Nitrozac wished her non-Net mom Happy Mother's Day, ... Snaggy liked SPLIT, is looking for business attire, and wonders Where have all the insects gone?

Posted by Snaggy at 10:06 AM

May 02, 2017

Star Wars meets Sgt. Pepper!

Posted by Snaggy at 08:39 AM