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May 02, 2016

A review of Dyson vacuum repair service

We've had our Dyson vacuum cleaner for about 8 years now, and it's been great, but after dropping it down the stairs and various other bangs, it's seen better days and was time to either fix it or get a new one. The head of the unit wouldn't lower properly, and the clutch broke so that the carpet brush didn't spin. I decided to try to save a few bucks and try Dyson's repair service.

I called and talked to Dyson, and they recommended sending it in to them, for what they told me was essentially a refurbish. They go over the whole device and fix what's broken, replace the filters, cleaning it all up, adjusting this and that and attempting to make it as good as new. They send you an empty box, then you ship them your vacuum on their account. In a week to 10 days, they ship it back to you. All for about 160 bucks. I figured it was worth a shot, since I didn't really want to have to buy a brand new unit.

The box arrived a few days after booking the repair. I was expecting a high-tech super box, fitted to the vacuum (a D-14 animal). Instead I received just a simple, single layer, rectangular box, with no padding or special form fitting. Instructions told me how to pack the unit (essentially just stick it in the box), and included directions and a label to courier it back to Dyson. I added some padding while packing it, ( for although the Dyson is a tough vacuum, I didn't want to just ship it naked in an empty box).

Simple box, but it did the job.

I shipped it, then sent them an email to let them know it was on the way, and then I waited. 12 days passed... no word at all from Dyson. Yikes, we sure could use our vacuum... time to break out the old Shop-Vac!

14 days pass... yay, it's arrived back! It returned in a similar box, but everything is nicely packed with bubble wrap. Looks good, so I test it out...

WHOA! Suction is definitely improved. So much so that it is lifting up area rugs while vacuuming them! It sounds different too, emitting a deeper and more satisfying sound, more like it should. They've replaced the entire carpet sweeping head and brushes, as well as replaced the clutch. Wow, it's actually making tracks on the carpet now, like it did oh so long ago. I am very impressed.

- It would be nice if Dyson communicated better, for instance, notified me that the unit arrived OK at the repair facility, and when it was shipped back to me with a tracking number.

- I would have also appreciated a list of what they actually did... filters replaced? Parts changed? You know, like the kind you get from a good mechanic.

Was it worth the 160 bucks? Yes indeed, it was! My old tired Dyson now really sucks, and in a very good way! :-D It feels like a new vacuum. I was very happy with the service and would recommend it to others who needed it.

Posted by Snaggy at May 2, 2016 01:20 PM