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May 06, 2010

The one thing you need to know about your iPhone and your iPad.

Keep Calm, reboot and carry on!Having trouble with apps crashing on your iPhone? Well, we have a tip for you.

Did you know that you should reboot your iPhone every now and then to clear up its memory? That's right, you should, because unfortunately there's a bit of a, ummm, bug, as described here by our secret source in Apple Developer Land.

"Basically when you install an app (or update it), the unzipping of that app requires about 3x the size of the app in disk space to install, and the installer itself uses a lot of memory that it doesn't give back properly. So if an app's going to crash from memory problems, it's invariably after an install of any app."

"Also, if you don't power cycle once in a while you end up with fragged memory from Mail, Safari, iPod etc."

And this goes even more so with the iPad! "The iPad has the same memory as the iPhone 3GS but four times the video resolution, so that's four times the memory used for the screen!"

So remember, turn off your iPhone and your iPad every now and then! Words to live by, even if there wasn't an iPhone memory problem!

Keep Calm poster mashup by the ever-loving Zwilnik!

Posted by Snaggy at May 6, 2010 05:02 PM


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