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September 11, 2008

Review: Scottevest's TEC shirt

TEC shirts!Nitrozac and I recently had the pleasure of working with the fine folks over at Scottevest, and while that was happening, I couldn't help but notice the great gear they are offering over there. Scottevest has a fun and informative web site, you can really get a feel for their products with the videos, great photos, cool X-Ray views of the pockets, and testimonials. One of the products that caught my eye was the TEC shirt:

The lightweight poly/rayon blend is both soft to the touch, breathable, and incredibly comfortable. The TEC Shirt has 8 pockets and compartments, including a special secure pocket for travel documents, iPod® and cell phone pockets, pen pockets, secret pocket and memory card pocket. The front is secured with low-profile, breakaway snaps for quick access to your gear. The loose fitting design is very versatile. It can be worn on its own or as an extra layer over a t-shirt for added warmth and extra carrying space. At airport security, you can just remove it and send it through the x-ray.

OK, they had me at secret pocket. So a week or so later, a package from Scottevest arrived. My first impressions: the shirt feels great, the fabric is soft but strong, (it's a lightweight poly/rayon blend), and its construction is top notch. This is one gorgeous, well made shirt that you will feel comfortable and confident in.

pocket manualWhen you first reach into a pocket, you will find a really nice touch. Inside each of the pockets is a business card-sized guide to that pocket, with suggestions as to what you might keep in the pocket, and any features of the pocket. This makes exploring your new purchase an informative adventure, and the cards in the shirt alert you to pockets you might not initially find.

TEC stands for Technology Enabled Clothing. Scottevest has created a patented system for the wiring of third-party electronics into garments. Their PAN (Personal Area Network) provides hidden conduits and holes to connect the wires of your devices while they are in your pockets, as well as special elastic loops to keep your earbuds within easy reach. Perfect for headphones, microphones, cell phones, and everything else that can be wired on the wearer. Earbud cords sticking out of a pocket can be a real headache, so this is a brilliant but simple way to make using your technology much more pleasant. The TEC shirt has a ton of other features, be sure to visit the website to read and see more.

XRay view!The shirt uses snaps instead of buttons, and these seem of very high quality. I like how the ones down the front of the shirt are hidden, so all you see when wearing the shirt is the clean design. Wrist snaps come in two positions, which I really liked, so you can adjust those to your needs, and open them up quick and easy if you are wearing gloves.

I started wearing this shirt while on errands around town and it soon became indespensible, especially now in the Fall when it's too hot to wear a jacket, but too cool to just wear a t-shirt. The pockets were super handy; I like the inside left pocket for my phone, and I just *love* the right-hand side "secret" pocket. It is awesome for carrying my wallet out of the way, and hidden. It is so handy, I really wish the shirt had a left-hand side version too!

-A really well made, great feeling shirt, with a ton of handy pockets.
-Handy "manuals" for each pocket.
-Reasonably priced, especially with the discount code!

-For those geeks who like to tuck, the shirt's fabric is probably a little too heavy for tucking into your pants, unless you have a lot of room under your belt. This is an outside-of-the-pants shirt.
-Zippers were a wee bit sticky on first use, and occasionally stick a bit, but I've never had a zipper failure and the zipper pulls are nice and solid.
-My iPhone won't fit in the left front pocket! The pocket is big enough, but the snap is positioned just slightly too low and I can't snap it shut with an iPhone in there. Whaaaa!
-The shirt could use a right front breast pocket, as well as that aforementioned left side secret pocket.

When I travelled around the world several years ago, I wore a shirt similar to this one, but without all the cool features. Had the TEC shirt been around then, I would have killed for one. If you like wearing shirts like these, and dig the idea of being able to organize your gear to the extreme, you are going to love this product.

Price: 80 bucks.
NOTE: Be sure to use our friend Leo Laporte's discount code when you order, and save 20 percent! That's one heck of a great discount, and bravo to Scottevest for offering this! Just use the discount code TWIT at checkout.

Shipping: Scottevest offers $5 shipping UPS ground to anywhere in USA, and $10 3 day shipping, both which I think are very reasonable. They also ship internationally via UPS and USPS, you can check out the rates and transit times on their site.

To sew it all up...:
Scottevest's TEC shirt is an awesomely versatile, high quality shirt that easily doubles as a jacket, with eight pockets to hold all your stuff. I do wish they made an ULTIMATE version with more pockets, but then again, if you need more pockets on a shirt, perhaps you've got too much stuff!

OK then, go get one!

Posted by Snaggy at September 11, 2008 03:29 PM


x-Ray views?? I'm totally into that!

Posted by: Jazzy at September 17, 2008 10:26 PM

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