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June 27, 2008

Canadians erupt in anger over Rogers iPhone rates!

Rogers, the cell phone company that is bringing the new iPhone 3G to Canada, just posted its service plans and how much it'll cost you to own one. Well, it didn't take long for a maple leaf maelstrom to erupt!

Canadians from around the country are protesting the rates, from the CBC website, to our own Forums, to the forums on ehMac, to an online petition gingerly called fuckyourogers.com.

Plans are start at $60 a month and go to $115. There is no unlimited data option, something that seems to be a world exclusive. And yes, all of Rogers's plans are for a minimum of three years. Ouch.

We Canucks will be watching very carefully to see how Rogers reacts to these protests. I myself was drooling at the thought of finally getting an iPhone... now that seems out of reach. It can't be a very good day over at Rogers marketing.

Update: the petition can now be found over at the family friendly ruinediphone.com.

Posted by Snaggy at June 27, 2008 10:34 PM


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