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Geek Love: A Marriage Proposal via Code and Comic

Nitrozac and I recently ran a very special Joy of Tech comic. We helped one of our geeky fans propose to his girlfriend via the comic!

When we heard that Forum member and SuperFan "angryjungman" was thinking of popping the question, we offered to make it a very special day by letting him use the Joy of Tech comic as his proposal medium. After discussing it with Tony and coming up with an idea, we set out to work. Using photo references, Nitrozac turned the young couple into comic illustrations, and depicted a cute story line in which Tony calls his girlfriend over to his computer to read some code that he has written. The Python code she reads is actually a proposal, including an ASCII text art engagement ring...

The first comic was posted early Saturday morning, and featured a cliffhanger ending. Would she say yes or would she say no?

That afternoon Tony sprang the comic on his unsuspecting girlfriend Steph. Just like in the comic, he called her over to his computer to show her something special...

Meanwhile Nitrozac and I, and the members of the geekculture.com Forums and IRC chat rooms were waiting with bated breath for news of her reply.

After a nerve-racking eternity, we finally received the good news... she had said YES! I immediately uploaded the conclusion, a "happy ending" comic.

Whew! We didn't have to come up with an alternative not-so-happy ending!


Initial comic with cliff-hanger:

Happy ending comic!

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