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What is the IRC chat all about?
Internet Relay Chat is a virtual space where people hang out in and chat (type text) in real time. Sort of like a real time version of the Forums. Nitrozac and Snaggy frequent the IRC channels, and so do a lot of very interesting and very fun people! Here's some stats!

What do I do there?
You can talk about anything you'd like, ...the comics, the weather, girls, guys, anything really. Or just hang out, and read what other people have to talk about. If you have any questions about Geek Culture merchandise, shirts, posters, or books, or anything, it's also a good place to ask Snaggy or Nitrozac, if they happen to be in the channel. It also seems to be a good place to find true romance. We know of several couples who have met and found true love while IRCing. :)

What are the channels and where are they?
The Official channels are #joyoftech, #nitrozac, or #geekculture, and the old faithful #aftery2k.

All of these on the network: irc.slashnet.org, whose current servers include:
DNS Name Location
area51.slashnet.org Baltimore, Maryland, United States
radon.slashnet.org Boston, Massachusetts, United States
perdition.slashnet.org Traverse City, Michigan, United States
vortex.slashnet.org Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
coruscant.slashnet.org The Netherlands
moo.slashnet.org San Francisco, California, United States

How do I join the chat?

  1. Get an IRC client - Depending on the operating system you run, you have different choices available for an IRC client. Some clients are easier to use than others. There is a list of clients below, sorted by OS. Snaggy likes Snak for the Mac, and if you are on OS X you can start with JoyChat, a neat little IRC ap made by ilovemydualG4. (There is also the Java client available on Slashnet, which is discussed below.)
  2. Setup and install the IRC client - Follow the instructions that come with the client.
  3. Connect to the slashnet network - then join the channel name.

IRC Clients
joyChat! You will need to install an IRC client, a program that will talk to the various IRC servers. You can find a list of irc clients by searching over at shareware.com for Mac irc clients or Windows clients or Linux clients, etc... Then download and follow the directions.

There is also the Java client available on Slashnet, which is perhaps the easiest way to start, as it runs in your browser. For the Java applet, click here. Then just click the Join, and type in #joyoftech in the channel field.

If you are using Mac OS X and want something fast and easy to take you to #joyoftech, you can use JoyChat, a neat little IRC ap, made by ilovemydualG4.

Other Fun Stuff
maswan, longtime IRCer, and "Lord of the Root", occasionally generates IRC stats from the #joyoftech channel. The results are often hilarious. Here are a few archived examples, the current stats are here.

uilleann has created a Geek Culture IRC page, including a great Guide to IRC, and IRC FAQ, that will undoubtedly help anyone having trouble with IRC, or anyone who'd like to learn more about it.

And away you go! Have fun, and hope to chat with you soon!

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