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The JoyPoll!
What would you consider a sign that Earth just isn't quite ready yet for First Contact?
  • TV commercial quality issues.
  • Senior Management of the planet needs refreshing.
  • Linux still not considered an Official Religion.
  • The Happy Mac's forced retirement.
  • Wesley Crusher's scene being cut out of new Star Trek movie.
  • The Joy of Tech still not available in holo-book format.
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diesel sweeties
Diesel Sweeties!

Forum tidbits!
GameGod asks for your Predictions for Episode III , ... snupy has a suggestion for the 9/11 anniversary, and also reviews One Hour Photo , ... iMat has questions about FontFolio 9 , ... EngrBohn has Oh, what a week... , ... Steen gives a thumbs down to Burger King Tacos, ... azagthoth posts lots of Dragon Con pics ... and SupportGoddess tells us Where I've been!

And in SuperFan Clubhouse Tidbits... LostInColorado is looking good in his avatar, but feeling old... , and GMx post another poll... What Should Be Done With Interland?

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