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What do you think are the main ingredients of Electrical Fire Scent?
A dash of sulphur and a spritz of carbon, ... isn't that what Kirk used against the Gorn? 31 7%
Lemon oil, cinnamon, and eye of newt, ... no, that would actually smell good. 18 4%
Essence of singed plastic and copper, ... don't sniff it! 180 42%
A dolt, and a little too much jolt, ... resistance is futile, and tends to heat up stuff. 72 17%
I prefer to use Fire Extinguisher creme rinse, ... it's heat activated. 60 14%
I'm washing the results. 41 9%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and the materials that make up the ring around the tub.
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