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What unit of measurement is Slashdot karma measured in anyway?
Maldabars, ... a Malda unit of pressure, equaling about one million flames. Such intense pressures usually originate deep inside the earth, in a place inhabited by trolls. 34 5%
Hemospower, ... a unit of work or energy equal to the work done at the rate of one Hemos for one hour. Note, this unit has been known to fluctuate wildly. 32 5%
Cowboy Newtons, ... a force of one Cowboy Newton will accelerate a mass of one fig newton at the rate of one meter per second per second cowboy. 67 11%
TacoWatt, ... a metric unit of power equal to one trillion (1012) Tacos or about 1.341 billion Hemospower (if Hemos has consumed one trillion tacos). 131 22%
Timquency, a unit of measurement equal to the number of stories being posted by Timothy at this very second. Not to be confused with the Timbit, a delicious Tim Horton's treat. 12 2%
KiloKatz, ... a common unit of work or energy, equaling the amount of energy consumed while replying to a Jon Katz story. Not to be confused with the Kill-a-Katz, a unit of measurement used to describe the intensity of mental illness in trolls. 47 8%
Cupcakes, ... a Slashdot cupcake is a unit used by cartoon scientists to describe an ethereal and transcendentally perfect Slashdot "moment". A related measurement, the nibble, is 4 bits or 1/2 big byte of such a cupcake. 160 27%
I viewed the results, and now would like a cupcake please. 100 17%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and first posts.

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