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Current QuickPoll results for 1922 entries:

What award do you think you should receive?
The Dude award for supreme slacking off, man ... He's taken slacking to a higher level, man. He's a slacking genius, man! 471 24%
The Relic award for "I can survive anything, and will eat you to do it" attitude, ... several were nominated, however only one showed up at the ceremony... covered in blood. 231 12%
The Geek Award for most unaware of potiential mates, ... he would have come to the awards, but didn't have a date. 608 31%
The Sys Admin Award for most "just doing my job... whatever" work ethic, ... unfortunately, no one felt like presenting it since it wasn't in their job descriptions. 462 24%
The Nitrozac Award of Honour for outstanding patience while waiting for a t-shirt, ... you should have seen the size of the mailbag I took to the post office yesterday! 148 7%

(May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and long acceptance speeches.)

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