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Who's that short-haired girl beside Bambi?
She's a generic geeky chick whose life's research has been studying how the male form is influenced by, and influences, qualities of light and shadow, ... sounds familiar. 84 9%
She's an aspiring Internet Monkey bounty hunter. She heard that Relic was giving a seminar, and came to learn from the Master, ... He's really made quite a name for himself at the Hunt Club. 129 14%
She's actually a strange two-dimensional life form, shaped surpisingly similiar to a sexy silhouette, ...their natural habitat is mud flaps, and neon signs outside of strip clubs. 322 35%
She's the Camp Admin, ...she keeps a close eye on the Tent Admin. 362 40%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and the chirp chirp chirp of crickets.)

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