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Who would you rather hang out with at Abacus World Expo?
The Geek. He's nice, geeky, and not so cute that the chicks won't notice me/cute enough to make me look good, ... those are the one's you really have to watch! 173 11%
Relic. His Grizzly Adams charisma and weapons collection make him a natural leader in the OS war that's bound to break out on the convention floor, ... geek boys will be geek boys! 93 6%
Dude. I mean, he lives life to the fullest man, pushes the threshold of experience man, and he's got the beans... yes I know all that, so why would you want to hang out with him? ;-) 266 18%
I'm hoping to hook up with that guy in the realistic alien costume... apparently he's got [email protected] insider info! 87 5%
Actually, I'm planning on following the TTB's around like a puppydog... yes, perhaps if you do that, they'll finally realize how cool you are! ;-) 842 57%

(May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and the survival of the numerically fittest.)

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