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After Y2K!email Nitrozac!

We'll be awarding prizes for the best Geek, Dude, Relic, Dawn, Fawn, Bambi, Brandy, and "other"!

Here's what's up for grabs in the contest!

Geek Culture is giving away some awesome t-shirts, HacKer Hats, and an Alien head (!)

A life-sized Alien Head!

HacKer Hat!

Nitrozac signed AWE t-shirt!

VA Linux Systems!

VA Linux Systems has donated tons of great stuff including...
Using Linux (the Que book), Star Office Suites, Debian GNU/Linux, which includes the Learning Debian GNU/Linux O'Reilly book, open Linux 2.3 Linux Kernel and Installation CD, great VA t-shirts, stickers, and tons of Linux Journals!

Thanks VA, you've made a lot of look-a-likes very happy!

ThinkGeek is donating a set of those really cool shot glasses, some great t-shirts, and a Linux fish!

Be Dope!

BeDope has thrown a cool Be cap into the ring!

Technogecko has donated some of their hilarious Combuttons!

And best of all, chromatic has donated an autographed copy of his new book 'firewheel' (when it comes out in a couple of months).

Back to the Winners!

Wow, there was some awesome entries!
Proceed to the Gallery and view!

Prizes made possible by the generosity of these great geeks!
If your company would like to join in the fun and donate some prizes, please email Nitrozac!

Geek Culture! VA Linux Systems!
Be Dope!
The NBS is out there...
and chromatic!

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