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June 15, 2009

Two reviews of UNIEA cases.

Here's a couple of reviews of some cases from UNIEA Corp. They make a ton of cases for laptops, iPhones, and cameras, and for just about any gadget you may have. We tried out UNIEA's Omniverse case, a universal-fit case for MacBook 13-inch and similar size laptops. We used it with our MacBook Air, and although it was a bit roomie, it worked fine. A MacBook will fit perfectly in there.

The Omniverse is a soft sleeve with a hint of a heavier case to it. It looks pretty funky with the silky pillowy outside stitching... you'll be tempted to curl up with it and use it as a pillow. What we really liked about it was that it has handles! (That's one thing I miss on our Booq MacBook Air sleeve, the lack of carrying handles.) But what's cool about the handles is that if you don't want to use them, they tuck away inside the walls of the sleeve. You don't always want to have handles, but when you do, it's nice that they are so easy to sprout. On one side, there's a large zippered pocket for your mouse, power adapter, or papers. In addition, the holes where you tuck in the handles can also double as additional pockets for smaller accessories, and those have snap closures, so there's lots of places to stuff your stuff.

The case is very adequately padded with foam, more than your average neoprene sleeve has. The main zipper goes almost all the way around the case, so you have easy access to all your ports, power plug, and CD/DVD drive. The large rubber grabs on this zipper are a very nice attention to detail.

Interior elastic taps let you attach the tote to your computer's halves, so you can just open it and get geeking. (You can't close a laptop entirely with these tabs on, but your Mac will enter sleep mode when you close it up.) The bottom wave-shaped cushion absorbs heat, but also allows heat from the bottom of your computer to escape via natural air circulation.

The verdict: we like this case, it's stylish, functional, and we really dig the hide-away handles. UNIEA also sells hardshell cases and much, much, more. Check 'em all out over at UNIEA.com.

I also tried out the U-Sleaf, for my iPhone. It's a stylish case made with premium, soft neoprene for lightweight protection against the bumps and bruises you might expect to give Your Precious while going about your day. This is perfect if you're carrying an iPhone with you in your car, knapsack, or purse, but it's not one a case you will be leaving on during use. That's fine with me, since I prefer to use my iPhone naked (the iPhone is naked, not me. :P )

U-Sleaf, has a nice design, with a main opening hidden underneath the top flap, and a "cable management for ear buds" which refers to the small pocket on the front of the case that allows you to stow your ear buds. Now that's not a technological breakthrough, but is handy as heck. There no built-in belt buckle, but they do include a dandy Carabiner (a climbing clip) that you can attach to your belt loop. One thing that I appreciated is the anti-skid bottom surface for added protection and stability on slippery surfaces like dashboards or tables. The verdict: if you like your iPhone nude but want to keep it safe while your not using it, you'll like it!

Posted by Snaggy at June 15, 2009 12:13 AM