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Propeller beanies!

Tubes Rock!
Tubes Rock t-shirts!


Fight Club GiveawayFight Club Blu-ray Disc giveaway!

Fight Club 10th anniversary edition!

MacHeads!MacHEADS the Movie giveaway!

Time for another great giveaway! And this time we are giving away MACHEADS!

all the info here!

Swamp! giveaway!SWAMP THING Giveaway!

The legendary DC Comics character comes to life to battle evil in the Swamp!

jayce giveaway!Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors Giveaway!

Evil mutant plants, and you can win them!

Simpsons!It's a Simpsons Game Giveaway!

Of course it is... DOH!

Crow!Our 1024 Giveaway, featuring Mystery Science Theater DVDs!

Whoa! A sarcastic robotic giveaway!

Cherry baby!Planet Terror DVD and Cherry Action figure giveaway!

Whoa! This is one hot giveaway!

the office on DVDThe Office Season 3 DVD giveaway!

Get to the Office!

1000 giveaway!WooT! We're at 1000 JoTs!!!

Help us celebrate by winning some awesome prizes!

iCal Day!Celebrate iCal Day in style!!

Create your own iCal Day hat... from a single sheet of paper!

Get saucy!Another Garlicy Giveaway!

Six jars of the yummy Garlic Head Sauce are up for grabs!

Godzilla!Another monster giveaway!

Two sets of two Gozilla DVDs are up for grabs!

Roboreptile!What a monster of a giveaway!

Robotreptile, Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, and TWO Godzilla DVDs! WOW! All the details are here!

Woz strikes again!Woz strikes again!

And Bill Gates loves it!

The Baywatch DVD!The Dirty Blonde Giveaway!!!

Win Courtney Love's new book...  all the juicy details are here!

The Baywatch DVD!The Baywatch DVD Giveaway!!!

OK geeks... this is the giveaway you've been hoping for! No? Well then, I bet you still want it! All the details are here!

The Tick DVD!The Tick DVD Giveaway!!!

OK Tick fans... this is the giveaway you've been sucking blood for! All the details are here!

Get super!

Superman CD Giveaway!
We are giving away two copies of Rhino Records's Superman Returns: Original Motion Picture Score CD, plus more!
Details are here!

Caption Contest!The Joy of Tech's Caption Contest!

It's time for a caption contest and thanks to the generosity of our friends at Garlic Head BBQ Sauce, we are giving away some terrific goodness! Garlic Head sauce is handing out the sauce, and we're tossing our hat into the ring too... yep, some lucky winner will win their choice of a TWiT cap or beanie or any one our great Geek Culture headwares! So enter now!

Nitrozac and Snaggy build an Apple 1... in edible format!Apple I cake!

To celebrate Apple's 30th birthday, we decide to bake an insanely great birthday cake!

Jumping Steve!

Jumping Jobs!!
Jumping Steve is an iTunes visualizer with an animated Steve Jobs that will dance to your music!

Read all about it!

David Pogue Live!

Nitrozac and Snaggy on David Pogue's Macworld Live!
We had an absolute blast while appearing at Macworld 2006. For the pics and story, and a link to a podcast of the show, click here!

King Kong!

King Kong Giveaway!
Peter Jackson's KING KONG is almost here, and to celebrate the arrival of the BIG APE, we're giving away a King Kong t-shirt, a King Kong cap and more! Details here!

Segway Polo!Nitrozac and Snaggy visit a Segway Polo game!

On their recent USA tour, Nitrozac and Snaggy were invited to a Segway polo match...

All the action is here!

Cult of iPodThe Cult of iPod book Giveaway!

Enter to win a copy of The Cult of iPod, and some Geek Culture goodies like t-shirts and caps!

All the info here!

The Joy of Tech Conferences!Nitrozac and Snaggy at the UAT's Technology Forum!

Snaggy and Nitrozac report on their presentation at the University of Advancing Technology, in Phoenix Arizona, as part of the Technology Forum 2008...

Serenity Now!The Joy of Tech's Serenity Giveaway!

Serenity, the big screen continuation of the beloved Firefly, opens September 30th! To celebrate, we're giving away Serenity swag and more!

Get saucy!The Joy of Tech's Summer Soltice Sauce-tice Giveaway!

It's the start of Summer (at least here in the Northern Hemisphere) and that means BBQ season, and what better way time to celebrate with a saucy giveaway!

Get lucky!Steve Jobs Dress-up Contest!

Get lucky!JoT.. Spiderman's Joy of Tech superthumb widget!

A Dashboard widget that shows the current Joy of Tech comic's superthumbnail, with link to the comic!

Get it here!

Get lucky!JoT Coffee.. a Joy of Tech widget with random comic!

A Dashboard widget that shows the current Joy of Tech comic's thumbnail, as well as displays a random comic thumbnail with links to the comics!

Get it here!

Get lucky!We're giving away three copies of Firefox and Thunderbird Garage!

Mac Game Giveaway!The Joy of Tech's Mac Game Giveaway!

This time we're giving away a total of TEN registration for two insanely great Mac-only games, AirBurst Extreme and Kill Monty!

Details here!

Deal me in!The Joy of Tech's "World Poker Tour - Season Two" Giveaway!
This ain't a bluff... it's yet another fun giveaway!

Get lucky!
Luck o' the iPod Giveaway!
Get lucky with another fun giveaway!

The Apple's Stock Split Giveaway!
Nitrozac and Snaggy are celebrating Apple's stock split with another special giveaway!

Happy Birthday Mac
The Happy Birthday Mac Giveaway!
Nitrozac and Snaggy are celebrating the birthday of the Mac with a special giveaway!

The Twelve Day of X-Mas Contest!!
Nitrozac and Snaggy seek creative individuals to win cool prizes! Winners are now announced!

Geek Love!
Nitrozac and Snaggy help a fan pop the question!

Maddox's iTunes Countup Madness!
Jon Maddox (from Jonsthoughtsoneverything.com) has created a really cool little javascript counter, that you can add to your webpage. He's also made a Konfabulator Widget too! Both will let you help Apple count up to 100 million iTunes songs!

Check them out!
Update: Awww, sadly Apple has stopped generating the javascript that made this script possible.

iChat Avatars!
Our collection of avatars made specifically for iChat!

Get 'em!

MacCenter Book Signing!
We had a great time at MacCenter's Meet and Geek event! See how we use the power of iChatAV to meet with fans across the continent and sign their books!

Get Mac Geek'in!

Virtual Book Signings!
This time we offer our brand of humor and technical know-how to the use of video conferencing technology. We use our virtual book signing events to demonstrate the power of iSight and iChat AV, but our aim is to spark your creative juices to find other ways to apply these technologies, perhaps to connect with friends and family around the world, or perhaps for use in your own business.

Get Virtual!

You Sexy Thing!
Just about everyone looks great behind a cursor, but the days of communicating online exclusively with text are numbered. So we offer our brand of advice on how to look great on iChat AV, in spite of iSight.

"With tips on proper lighting, camera angles, and using the right foundation, Snaggy and Nitrozac offer more of the high-tech humor you've come to know and love in their comic and in their book, The Best of The Joy of Tech."

Get sexy!

eggheads!Make your own eggheads!
Follow our step by step directions and make your own Easter Eggheads!

Get cracking!

Rick Yaeger's Geekculture OS X icons!
Rick Yaeger, Senior Editor over at MacMerc.com has created some gorgeous OS X icons from a few of our comic's characters!

Check 'em out!

Halloween will never be the same after our Mac O'Lanterns, carved with the faces of some of our favorite icons of tech! Scary!!!

And now, there's Nitrozac's tutorial on how to make your own Mac O'Lanterns. :)

Jaguar Genius Pizza!The Jaguar Genius Pizza!

Celebrate the release of Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar with the ultimate Mac geek pizza! Here's the recipe!

The Icons!The David Pogue Icon Collection!

After months of secret development and tight security, Nitrozac and Snaggy can finally reveal an exciting new upgrade for the Mac community. With great pride, we are proud to announce the release of the next generation of David Pogue icons...

The Joy of Tech!
The Joybutton!
If you're using a Mac and a newer version of Explorer, here's a neat trick courtesy of MacMerc. Drag the above little image to the top tool bar of your browser, it should "stick" afterwards. Now you have a graphical link to the Joy of Tech, one that will update everytime a new comic is uploaded. (You may have to refresh the image manually if it's in your cache.) If you need to delete or move it it, just control button/click and hold, then select delete, or just Command/drag it to the trash.

Join the JoyList!
Nitrozac and Snaggy would like to keep you informed of any Joy of Tech and Geek Culture news, with a very occasional email newsletter.

Don't worry, your information is only used for this list, and never released to any third party.

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