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December 30, 2019

JoT #2670: The Time Traveller's Objective!

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Changes with perspective.


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December 22, 2019

JoT #2669: Deep fakes!

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Face to fakes!


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December 18, 2019

JoT #2668: Santa's got ransomware!

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Locked out at the Pole!


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December 16, 2019

Twitter Bird, a new Nitrozac painting up for auction!

Nitrozac has a new painting up for auction... it's Twitter Bird. The white Twitter logo is floating amid a flutter of bright colors and cool ring patterns.

Twitter Bird


Posted by Snaggy at 01:25 PM

December 15, 2019

JoT #2667: Why are you still using Facebook?

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Battered User Syndrome


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December 11, 2019

JoT #2666: Look, up in the Apple Store... it's Super Monitor!

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...but what's its kryptonite?


Posted by Snaggy at 09:32 PM

December 09, 2019

JoT #2665: The new Mac Pro is cruel!

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Not the computer for the rest of us!


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December 04, 2019

JoT #2664: There go the Google Guys!

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Larry and Sergey take a back seat!


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December 01, 2019

JoT #2663: The Online Shopping Experience!

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Suggestions for you!


Posted by Snaggy at 07:38 PM