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March 29, 2018

If tech companies made Easter candy!

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We're off looking for candy, enjoy this comic treat from a few seasons ago. Happy Eostre everyone! (Germanic Goddess of Spring)


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March 25, 2018

JoT #2503: Why are you still on Facebook? (flowchart)

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If we have to ask, it's probably too late.


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March 23, 2018


middle blue trsain

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March 21, 2018

JoT #2502: Zuckerberg's apology!

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Sorry seems to be the hardest word.


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March 18, 2018

JoT #2501: A breach at Facebook!

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Truth be told...


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March 14, 2018

JoT #2500: Stephen Hawking

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Mind over matter


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March 12, 2018

JoT #2499: Elon Musk Q&A!

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To boldly go where one can escape Earth!


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March 08, 2018

JoT #2498: What's really going on with those laughing Amazon devices.

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Alexa, stop scaring me!


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March 04, 2018

JoT #2497: A counterfeit Bezos!

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"His kingdom for a bald cap!


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March 01, 2018

JoT #2496: Separation anxiety!

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The reception to no reception!


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