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February 28, 2017

JoT #2389: The dishonest rumors press!

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Lightning connector: unplugged and unhinged!


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February 27, 2017

JoT #2388: Post red carpet red carpet!

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The show must go on...


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February 24, 2017

JoT #2387: Seven angry planets!

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We spy, with our little eyes...


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February 22, 2017

JoT #2386: The nine stages of forgetting your phone

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Not me, I never forget my phone! *checks*


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February 20, 2017

JoT #2385: Zuckerberg's Manifesto!

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Klaatu Barada Zuckerberg


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February 16, 2017

JoT #2384: There's no escape!

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Is your feed politically polluted?


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February 14, 2017

JoT #2383: When the dam breaks!

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Here comes the flood!


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February 13, 2017

JoT #2382: Fake news... It's killing people's minds!

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Fake news, we've known a few.


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February 09, 2017

JoT #2381: Facebook's media company problem!

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Nobody wants to share the spotlight!


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February 08, 2017

JoT #2380: Elon's Tech Suggestions!

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He just needs to Trump-ize his ideas a bit!


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February 05, 2017

JoT #2379: The ultimate spectator sport!

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It's the big BIG game!


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February 03, 2017

Taking a few days to ponder... plus a giveaway!

There's no comic update today, as we take a few days to examine our financial options to continue working on The Joy of Tech. If you'd like to see us continue, please consider supporting our work by joining our SuperFans or Patreon supporters, tossing us a tip, or commissioning us for custom illustrations and portraits. Thank you to those who have been and are supporting our work, we are so thankful for that.

On that note, we're giving away a copy of Star Trek: Enterprise: The Complete Series on Blu-Ray, so if you are a SuperFan or Patreon supporter you can enter in the Superfan Forums or on our Patreon page.


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February 01, 2017

JoT #2378: Delete uber!

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It's an app mob!


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