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August 31, 2013

JoT #1895: The vicious cycle of dating site spam

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Did you know you have love matches waiting for you?


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August 29, 2013

JoT 1894: Cutting the apron strings

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He thought he had escaped!

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August 27, 2013

JoT 1893: NSA job application flowchart

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Go with the flow!

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August 24, 2013

JoT #1892: Ballmer's surprise send-off

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From those who left before...


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August 22, 2013

JoT 1891: Some ideas for the new iPhones

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Comedy gold, or just a pile of bullion-shit?

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August 21, 2013

JoT 1890: The NSA is making us quit the Internet

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The sinister reason behind all the spying!


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August 17, 2013

JoT #1889: Practical jokes on cats, Lesson 1

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The hound plans a real tail wagger!


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August 15, 2013

JoT 1888: Elon Musk meets Telsa's Ghost

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It's a spectre-ular episode!


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August 13, 2013

JoT 1887: Don't buy an iPhone?

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He's just trying to help.


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August 10, 2013

JoT #1886: Too close to home!

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He's going to be yelping soon!


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August 08, 2013

JoT #1885: Lex Talks

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Ideas worth sharing?


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August 06, 2013

JoT #1884: Post Bezos

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Bezos is not the next Jobs, he's the next Rupert Murdock!


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August 04, 2013

JoT #1883: Shhh, the NSA is listening

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Hush hush sweet iPhone!


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August 02, 2013

JoT #1882: For 911, just Google!

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Have no fear, the NSA are here.

Comic link!


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