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January 07, 2013

Full Moon, a painting by Nitrozac

Nitrozac here, just letting you know about my new painting that's up for auction.

I think you will love this painting. Like the Moon, its palette is limited, but there is a richness and lushness to the paint that depicts its surface. And like the Moon it only reveals its secrets when looking at it closer up. From far away this painting looks like the Moon does when viewing from our planet with the naked eye. Closer up and it's like viewing our friend through a telescope.

Best of luck to all bidders, and to the winner, I know you will adore this painting as much as I do. It was an absolute pleasure to paint and to be honest, it will be very hard to part with!

Auction is here.

Posted by Snaggy at January 7, 2013 04:57 AM