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How could Tubes possibly survive the Wreck of the Dark Dirigible?
His crusty old man superpower, ... do crusty old man superpowers have any kind of kryptonite? 382 17%
He's UNBREAKABLE, ... did Mr. Glass have anything to do with that bluish blast? ;-) 344 16%
The brig he was thrown into was built with re-inforced, shock-absorbing walls, ... hmmm, was Sys Admin secretly protecting her dad? 352 16%
He's the Tube-inator, ... did you know Linda Hamilton has a twin sister, who appeared in the mirror shot? 465 21%
He didn't survive. What emerged from the wreck is a crusty old ghost, ... good heavens, yet another abrasive apparition! 191 8%
The spirit moved me to view the results. 413 19%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and debilitating data fetishes.
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