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another big event

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Don't forget, the comic continues in the Quickpoll, ... so for more laughs, view the poll!

The QuickPoll was...
What do you think project "Man Friday" is all about?
  • Transmeta's starting a new temp agency.
  • It's a plot by some chicks to get a four-day work week.
  • It's a holiday in which all geeks spend the day reading manuals.
  • Transmeta is sponsoring Nitrozac's "Beefcake Fridays".
  • I have no idea, but whatever it is, it's so secret, it's got to be cool!

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Meet the cast!

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After Y2K™ is a frightfully funny look at what might happen if the Millennium Bug bites hard! Created by Nitrozac, it follows the hapless exploits of a perhaps-slightly-over-paranoid geek as he and his friends seek to come to terms with the legacy of careless coding. The setting: the days and months after January 1st, 2000... all computers, high technology, and most electricity is gone... civilization as Geeks know it has collapsed!

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