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Current QuickPoll results for 1902 entries:

What are you waiting for?
A parcel, ... hmmm, how long would a parcel of parsnip take to travel a parsec, at the speed of parsley? 196 10%
Something to eat, ... does your microwave ding or beep? 261 13%
Love, ... now, that is worth the wait! 543 28%
A time machine, so I can visit the Techno-Talking Tube Twins as they were in 1969, ... once it arrives, go back in time a bit and save yourself the wait. 677 35%
The order form for Tubes Rock! t-shirts, ... soon, very soon, and perhaps a Go-Go to go-go soon too? 223 11%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, amd unforseeable delays.

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