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What's up with that MS System Admin!?
It's painfully obvious... she's evil incarnate, and behind the whole soul sucking, zombie-making dastardly plan, ... really? Now I like her even more! 108 8%
It's painfully obvious... she's just an employee doing her job, ... I suppose that's your excuse too? 141 10%
She's obviously evil, and I would go out with her in a second, ... hmmm, I guess that's why Martha Stewart has been getting a lot of dates lately. 492 38%
She's great! Since she turned most everyone into grey zombies, the cartoon loads faster! ... for some geeks, size is everything. 228 17%
She's pretty. I like her hair, ... um, beauty is only 1 pixel deep. 316 24%

(May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and the round-up of non-zombies by the walking dead.)

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